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Get out the vote.

I’ve been really busy lately – all Anaconda all the time – and so I made today into a family day. We all drove out into the country, picked apples, found a new park and looked at some wonderful Michigan small town architecture.

Tonight we carved Jack-O-Lanterns. It was a good day, and I don’t regret a minute of it.

Next Sunday will be different. I expect to be canvassing or literature dropping or phone banking, or doing whatever is needed to help Michigan Democrats win elections.. » Read the rest of this entry «

The Beatles

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I’m listening to a lot of The Beatles this week as I affix the arranger and record producer’s hat to my exploding head.

Why The Beatles?

Because they were the best. By far. No contest.

On the Anthology discs there is a clip of the band playing This Boy live. They’re good. Tight harmonies. Professional. Then they get to the bridge and John Lennon takes it absolutely through the roof. No turning back here…. » Read the rest of this entry «


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the Owl

I’m going to be writing more off the cuff jottings of my day-to-day ideas here on theWheel, and today is as good a day as any to dig in.

Western science currently officially embraces a “physical” worldview. From such a point of view, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity look separate and incompatible – leading to the endless obsessions with finding a unified physical theory.

From a point of view that embraces spirit and/or consciousness or perhaps observation as the prime reality, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity can be seen as complimentary subsets of mathematical/physical phenomena arising from the prime conscious/spiritual dimension.

How else the wave/particle duality?


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I’m at the grocery store today, trying to get done before the noon rush. I’ve got my mini-disc player in my pocket and headphones on. I’ve got a compilation disc called “Records” that I put together a few years ago as a showcase for great and influential records, and I’m listening as I jockey up and down the aisles. Working on Anaconda, of course…

Instant Karma

Peter Gunn

The Pink Panther Theme

Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock comes on. It’s powerful, and if you haven’t really listened closely to this record you have no business trying to talk about the American 1960’s counterculture. Joni sounds real sad at the end.

The next song is Passion Play (from Joni’s album Night Ride Home, in my opinion easily her best), probably the best song about Christianity ever written. Wow. I’m starting to feel something.

Are you OK Joni?

We love you. It’s going to be OK – I promise.

I’m walking down the aisle at Busch’s with my eyes tearing up, and I’m wondering ‘Are you OK, Joni?’.

On comes Carrie. Joy. But I’m still worried.


Martin and Mancini

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A Day in the Life

Peter Gunn

Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

The Pink Panther Theme


As any reader of this blog knows by now, I am in the midst of finishing up the arrangement and recording of a musically cinematic composition (written by Dave Mason and myself) called “Anaconda”.

To where shall I turn my ears for inspiration and guidance?

I find myself thinking about George Martin and Henry Mancini» Read the rest of this entry «


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It is really beautiful in Michigan in October. The weather has cooled down some. You put on a coat when you go outside. The days are shorter. The leaves fall.

The critters do their damndest to move indoors.

We now have two live traps. The big one is for the groundhogs and raccoons – and the occasional accidentally incarcerated skunk – and the brand new little one for the chipmunks…. » Read the rest of this entry «

Habeas corpus?

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It has been quite a week in American Politics and Government. And yes, I know I’m writing a lot about politics these days. I just wish it weren’t necessary. I’d really rather change the subject.

However, right now my importancy detector is screaming “politics politics politics”. I trust my gut. Politics it is.

On the one hand, the wheels appear to be falling off the Republican Media Machine. (first link is to 60 Minutes transcript – here is a link to video)

Simultaneously, a Republican Leadership scandal with legs reaches to the very top in Washington.

These days bad political news for Republicans is generally good political news for me.

And yet, on the other hand, this very same week Habeas corpus has been voted aside by our Congress and Senate.

Did I just say “Habeas corpus has been voted aside”?

As it now stands, we American citizens no longer have a legal right to “our day in court” if we are accused by our President of being an Enemy Combatant. The President can just disappear us if he or she so chooses.

Can this posslibly be true?

Who gets to decide who is and isn’t an “Enemy Combatant”? You guessed it. The President gets to decide. Feel safer?

Just as the Anaconda waits for its victim to exhale
Our world constricts – just a little
There’s no Justice in those scales

These are dark times. God willing, we shall overcome.

Where am I?

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