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A couple of weeks ago I posted a piece on theWheel called Priming the Pump, in which I began to talk about my search for a better economic model for creative work published on the internet. Tonight I have a bit more on the same subject.

Let us imagine that I have a good idea for a song.

In fact, I do have a good idea for a song. A bus driver told a group of bus drivers riding downtown in a car together how she had recently found herself “sitting at a stop sign – waiting for it to turn green”.

One of those other bus drivers was a songwriter.

Clearly “sitting at a stop sign – waiting for it to turn green” is sufficient Song DNA from which to grow a certain type of popular song… » Read the rest of this entry «

My Alibi

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Visitors to this site have heard several versions of Dave Mason’s and my song Anaconda over the past few months. (There may be one more mix to come…)

But do we write anything else?

Indeed we do. Tonight I present to you My Alibi.» Read the rest of this entry «

Priming the Pump

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Tonight my wife asked me what I was writing for theWheel this week.

I said “uh, I don’t know – Oh yeah – something about commercial models for the internet – like mass patronage.”

Then I explained that “essentially what happens is that we give away our work, hope that it proves valuable to the public, and then the public puts money in our PayPal “tip jars” as a symbol for value received so that we can afford to produce more work.”

Karen said, “I just sent $25.00 to some authors who are publishing a serialized rough draft of a science fiction book.”

“Really?”, said I.

So I went off to visit “Fledgling: A Liaden Universe Project.”

This is very very interesting. How can I apply this model or a similar model to my work…? » Read the rest of this entry «


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What is compassion?

A dog walks across the road. It is struck by a car and lies in the gutter broken, in pain. Compassion is what we feel for that dog. We wish to relieve it’s suffering.

On page 65 of The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace the Dalai Lama writes: … » Read the rest of this entry «

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