Ditch Lilies

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On Friday, three fourths of my little family went for a drive in the country. Karen is nuts for flowers and plants, and had set her heart upon the acquisition of “ditch lilies.” » Read the rest of this entry «


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It’s interesting how levels of meaning pile up until all of a sudden – bam – the last level arrives and finally I get it.

There’s this guy who rides the bus. I see him 3 or 4 times a week. He gets on – sometimes he’s running late. Middle of winter in the dark and snow at 6:45 AM going to work to bag groceries… » Read the rest of this entry «

Go Gore Go

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Al, I think you need to run.

I just finished reading “The Assault on Reason

Mr. Vice President, my sense of reality tells me that in 2000 you won the vote in Florida, and Bush won the count by ending the count before the votes were counted.

When the Supreme Court supported Bush, you acted to support the rule of law, and reluctantly conceded the election. Then, in 2004, you stood aside, opening an opportunity for another leader to emerge in the Democratic Party.

You have upheld the rule of law.

You have stood aside and made sure that you didn’t clog up the Democratic Party with your ego.

Now, in order to uphold the rule of law, I think you need to run for President.

The Assault on Reason is your platform. Be true to that book and you and the country will win, even if should you lose the election (or the count…).

Go Gore Go

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