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I bought a “Black Diamond” watermelon today. I have no clear idea at this point what distinguishes a Black Diamond watermelon from other melons.

It is kinda black. Actually, really dark forest green. Allegedly seeded.

Lately they’ve all been seedless. I had developed a bad attitude about seedless watermelons until this year’s 4th of July seedless watermelon turned out to be really excellent.

The seedless melon cost 6 dollars. The Black Diamond was 4.

I’ll let you know.

This is the Future

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Wow! The iPhone is for real.

This stuff is nothing less than miraculous. If this gadget is real, than many many impossible things are possible.

I came across this demo video the other day, and then tonight at the mall (where I made an infrequent appearance shopping for frames for glasses) there it was – the new Apple store. And there they were, lots of iPhones laying around for anyone to try.

Do try one.

I am not a gadget person. I don’t know how to make my cell phone do anything more than phone calls. I don’t like to learn any gadget that is not very useful to me.

It’s not like I’ve been fantasizing about this thing.

But I want one. Actually, I want one once they have an effective audio input so I can use the iPhone as my primary audio note-taking device. Then I can get my work straight into iTunes. Record in my living room and post it at theWheel or in an email seamlessly.

This is the Future.

Congratulations, Ms. Rowling!

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The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. For a second they stood quite still, wands directed at each other’s chests; then, recognizing each other, they stowed their wands beneath their cloaks and started walking briskly in the same derection.

“News?” asked the taller of the two.

“The best,” replied Severus Snape.


749 pages later, I was still on board the Hogwarts Express, possessed by the author’s magic all the way through to the very last page.

Congratulations, Ms. Rowling. You pulled it off….. » Read the rest of this entry «

New Content

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My intention is to turn over a new leaf here.

Why should you come to theWheel more than once a week if there is only new content once a week? Now that I’ve been writing for a while, I feel that I can knock off a thing or two about my current thoughts daily, and hopefully still save up at least one important Pod for Sunday night.

Maybe I’ll just post a good link.

Here goes…

This morning, I saw this post on DailyKos

It explains a lot. They spied on us. No warrents. Thousands of felonies. Millions? Tens of millions????

They’re probably still doing it.


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Michael Moore is a hero.

I went tonight with my Dad to see Michael Moore’s Sicko. Sicko is more than just the best and most entertaining film that could ever possibly be made about Health Care. Michael Moore has made a film that cuts to the core of what is at stake in the great political and ethical battles of our time.

Me or We? Am I going to look out for just myself, or am I part of a community?

We are in this boat together. Can we cooperate where cooperation is in all of our best interests?

I fear that the disease that possesses America has spread so far that to kill the disease might well kill the patient. But the disease – the dogmatic ideological elevation of Me above We – will kill us if we don’t wake up and fight.

Great movie.

Thanks Michael.

Golden Rule Publishing

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What would happen if I just put all of my songs into the Public Domain? Would this help me to share my music? Could it help me to make a living with music?

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Here I am, sitting on a whole pile of musical works – songs mainly, but also some instrumental stuff and musical drama. Lots of it is compiled as computer files – mp3s and tracks on minidiscs. I also have hundreds of analog audio cassettes – magnetic tape imbued with songs and music I may have worked on for years or minutes, and much of it quite good, thank you.

Very little of my work has yet been adequately notated, though I now have the chops, if not the time, to arrange and notate the best of it.

I wish to share my work with the world. I have come to believe that a lot of this work is worthwhile – worthwhile to share, that is. As the years go by certain works recede into the past, and others remain with me in the eternal now, timeless really.

These works are worthy of propagation.

So I feel a desire, and indeed a duty, to publish my work.

What indeed does it mean to “publish” something, here in the year 2007? » Read the rest of this entry «


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Last week I celebrated my 50th birthday.

In this I am definitely not alone. There will be many 50th birthdays in America this year – in fact, more than ever before. (The first PDF link on this linked page will bring you relevant census information).

Back in 1992, at the age of 35, I was asked to write a “bio” of myself. I started with the words – “I was born in 1957,” and there it got sticky. In order to have any chance of making sense of my life story, I felt the necessity of writing about my generation of Americans.

And so of course my “bio”, like most every other piece of prose I ever attempted to write before I started posting at theWheel, turned into a song…. » Read the rest of this entry «

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