Monk Mania

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We’re on for Sunday morning. There will be a video shoot of monks chanting





in front of ominous clouds, while the central monk lifts up a blue globe towards the camera.

It sounds like it should work…

The Music Environment at Oz’s

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Here are a few pictures of Oz’s Music Environment, on Packard road here in Ann Arbor, about a mile from my house.




Oz’s is in a great old building, and the room itself has an odd asymmetrical shape, like a pie wedge with two flat ends, which make the acoustics really great. Furthermore, over the last three years, since this space, which used to be a vacuum cleaner store, became incorporated into Oz’s orbit, I’ve had a number of really wonderful musical experiences here.

Here is Songcatchers improvising on “I Guess I’d Better Jump”. Here is an instrumental jam. Here is the Lunar Glee Club inventing the Groucho Walk.

Playing music is not unlike having a séance, and Oz’s Music Environment is a place where music happens. The ghosts show up and the table shakes.

So, Oz just got back from an island up in Lake Superior and we’re talking about instituting some kind of regular musical occurrences in this very cool, richly ghosted space.

What should we do? How often? Private? Public? Sometimes private, sometimes public?

Later….I just got back from talking to Oz until about 3 AM. I’ll be doing some more sessions over there. More on this later.


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You would not believe the incredible tangle of misplaced files that was my File Manager.

It’s better now.

I’m laying the groundwork for really revving up my DBIAD site. I could spend a week at this and still be digging out.

Bed time.

Masconda Beyonda

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The Anaconda 15 second video is gonna happen. Dave and I got together tonight to visualize it, and we have a great idea. The center monk will be holding the Earth – we’ll hopefully be able to use the famous photo from space projected upon a green screened ball – and will lift and offer the Earth to the audience.



Richer Than Napoleon

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Earlier this evening I watched some home videos of my kids when they were little – precious stuff – and I got to thinking how I’m richer than Napoleon.

The Emperor could never see his children as they were five years in the past. Not for all the money in the world.

And it’s routine for me.

I’m rich rich rich.

Destiny’s Child

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When I attended the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop in Manhattan back in 1991 and 1992, our very first assignment in the fall of 1991 was to write a song in AABA form leading to either a “Sad Hello” or a “Happy Goodbye”.

I wrote “Destiny’s Child”.

Destiny’s Child Story Board

A Surrender of Sovereignty?

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I had an interesting exchange with the guy who was attempting to restore the files in my computer earlier this evening. I said something about how not having the computer at 100% over the weekend would be akin to some kind of silicon lobotomy.

He said that this is why lots of people never can accept computers into their lives. They fear dependence.

I said “yeah, it’s as if accepting the computer as a simbiotic appendage implies some surrendering of sovereignty as a human being – but they’re so powerful…”

(By the way, the deal with my computer is that the hard disc was damaged and bumping and clicking against the widget (read/write head?)that reads the hard disc – or something like that.

I now have a new hard disk (with a bit more memory), but most of our files are still on the old disk, which I must wait until Monday to access, as the parking lot at the computer place is being paved tomorrow and they will be closed. All my preferences are gone. I’m in Safari without bookmarks.

It could be a lot worse. I am backed up pretty good, I think – the files are just not back on the computer yet. Wish me luck…)

Computer Woes

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These last few days I’ve been having problems with the computer and have been unable to focus to post at theWheel.  Today I’ve been backing up what I can.

Tomorrow it’s in to the shop for diagnostics.

Then we’ll see what comes after that.

It’s scary when your surrogate brain is on the fritz.

First Principles

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Where are the great music sites online? Why don’t I know about them? Are there any sites doing for music what DailyKos or TalkingPointsMemo do for politics?

Google is amazing.

OK. Here are 25 Music Sites from Entertainment Weekly.

There are millions of bands. Tens of millions of songs.

Ho Hum. What could be more common than a band and a song…

When I first envisioned theWheel I wanted to try something different. In fact, I wrote about it here and here and especially here.

Time to return to first principles.


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Check this out. An eco oriented commercial contest. Got a 15 second spot? Well…Dave Mason and I just happened to have written this thing Anaconda which just happens to be very eco themed and also to have a 15 second chant.


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