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Last Tuesday morning at approximately 8:15 AM someone ran into our ’97 Mazda Protege’ (109,000 miles) and knocked it ten meters down the street across our driveway and into our neighbor’s yard.



$8,148.75 of damages, according to the inspector. Totaled. We will get somewhere between $2,500 and $4,000 from the hitter’s insurance company, as hitting a parked car in Michigan is the only way someone is clearly at fault in this no-fault state.

Skidding past loads of details you don’t need to know, I now find myself looking for another vehicle, and all that that means in this day and age.

So what do I want? Ah, the automobile in America – in South-Eastern Michigan in 2007… » Read the rest of this entry «

Candy Apple Red

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Candy Apple Red ain’t what the adman said
But you’ll never know a better time
You’ll never know a better time than Candy Apple Red

Huh? That was me, writing about advertising at the age of twenty-one in 1979 (and singing about it in 1996). I was pretty skeptical then, and I remain skeptical now. However, I’ve come to wonder whether internet technologies have progressed to the point where a new form of mutually beneficial connectedness is now possible.

To take a poke at the biggest advertising model out there, I will note that I don’t like the way that “Ads by Google” from Google’s “AdSense” look and feel on a page. In my humble opinion, these ads usually seem to cheapen the impact of the hosting web page by diluting the page’s intentions.

(By the way, Google’s “AdWords” is an entirely different animal, intimately related to the function of Google’s search engine, coupling advertising links to search results.)

I would like to propose the possibility of a type of mutually beneficial “advertising” that does not look or feel like advertising. » Read the rest of this entry «

The Green Hills of Earth

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Late in 1989, not long after Robert Heinlein’s death, I was rereading Heinlein’s short story collection The Past Through Tomorrow and came upon The Green Hills of Earth, Heinlien’s famous story of Noisy Rhysling, the Blind Singer of the Spaceways. » Read the rest of this entry «

You Live You Learn

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There’s a feeling that comes over me from time to time – funny enough, more often than not on Friday night. I remember nights in Los Angeles, leaning on the edge of the world, lonely as hell.

Drink a beer. Take a walk. Drive twenty miles to walk on a beach and listen to the waves, a thousand miles clear.

You live you learn.

OOOeeee the Wild Night is Calling

(this is an old draft that I could not bear to throw away)

In Our Hands

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We’re getting there…

YouTube Imbed UPDATED 6.22.09

This Old Song

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You heard it here first.

I have an idea – not an original idea, but an original permutation of an original idea. No doubt most everyone has seen “This Old House” on TV at one time or another.

My idea is simply to do the same thing with songs.  I am convinced that most of the best songs written by my generation of Americans have never come anywhere close to cultural currency in the corporate media.

For the most part, the best music of my generation remains a dead letter.

What if we find great songs and then record and film the process of rewriting, arranging, recording and performing them. We’ll bring in tradesmen – a lyricist, a composer, an arranger, a producer, a sound engineer,etc., and they each make their contribution.

Then it all goes out as a Podcast.


“Beautiful Poems”

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On several occasions I’ve written at theWheel of my musical story of Mildred Maloney, and her favorite number 7.4.

As a premise of the story, Mildred Maloney has a favorite number, 7.4, and 7.4 is the source of her “beautiful poems”.

Why 7.4? And don’t I need to SHOW you some of the “beautiful poems”…? » Read the rest of this entry «

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