Squirrel Trouble (part 1)

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There I was, home alone minding my own business, working on music at the piano in the living room, when I heard a vigorous splashing sound from the bathroom. There is no good reason for splashes in an empty bathroom, so I walked over to investigate. The splashing sounded like nothing so much as what I might expect to hear if there were a small, frantically frightened, indeed panicking, squirrel in the toilet.

Red Squirrel

As I walked into the bathroom, a small dark wet bedraggled mammal jumped out of the toilet onto the bathroom floor. At first I thought it might be a rat – after all it was emerging from the toilet.

How Did He Get In There!!!? Did He Crawl Up From the Sewer???

But though the creature was wet and bedraggled and about the right size to be a rather large rat, it had long hair on it’s wet tail.

First estimate – a small squirrel – one of those impertinent little ones – had just climbed out of my toilet in a state of frantic disorientation. » Read the rest of this entry «

Surf’s Up

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Catagory five football game. » Read the rest of this entry «

Free Culture

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Larry Lessig has his TED talk up.

Don’t miss it.

I’m a huge Lessig fan – his book Free Culture is a must-read.

Oh – and watch out for buses…

Al Gore and Green Venture Capital

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It currently does not look like Al Gore is running for President this year. However, he may be up to something more important…

Hybrid Buses

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I guess most people who visit theWheel know that my current day job is driving city buses for AATA – the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority.

Over the last few weeks, AATA has started putting hybrid electric/biodiesel buses onto the road here in Ann Arbor.

Here’s a picture of a similar bus» Read the rest of this entry «

Jump the Spark

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General Chaos and the Natural Order has never been a “band” in any conventional sense. It was and remains more or less a non-binding protocol for a certain type of improvisational musical encounter in which train wrecks are always infinitely preferable to ruts, and a good time is had by all.

I suppose the one irreducible crucial factor from my point of view is the presence of Steve Osburn. I don’t know that I’m essential – I suppose that’s up to Oz. Tim Twiss has often been a factor.

These sessions have usually, but not always, happened in Oz’s Music Environment. Such was the case a few Thursdays ago on the night of October 11, 2007, when Oz and Dave Mason and I, along with some drum grooves from my computer, convened for a General Chaos session. (Somehow one does not tend to think of them as “Natural Order” sessions.)

What happens in such a session? » Read the rest of this entry «

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