Buggy Whips, Anyone…?

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Earlier this evening I saw a link to a story in the Washington Post about the personal use of legally – and I stress legally – purchased music files that simply made my bullshit detector shoot through the roof.

Now, in an unusual case in which an Arizona recipient of an RIAA letter has fought back in court rather than write a check to avoid hefty legal fees, the industry is taking its argument against music sharing one step further: In legal documents in its federal case against Jeffrey Howell, a Scottsdale, Ariz., man who kept a collection of about 2,000 music recordings on his personal computer, the industry maintains that it is illegal for someone who has legally purchased a CD to transfer that music into his computer.

The industry’s lawyer in the case, Ira Schwartz, argues in a brief filed earlier this month that the MP3 files Howell made on his computer from legally bought CDs are “unauthorized copies” of copyrighted recordings.

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Penniless Nicholas and the Comic Ending

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I started writing The Ballad Of Penniless Nicholas in the mid 1980s – perhaps 1985 or so. The whole thing was actually Karen’s idea, initiated when she asked how I pronounced my middle name.

“Nicholas,” I told her.

She said “Penniless Nicholas – Penniless Nicholas had no common sense.”

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All-Electric Cars, Anyone?

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Stanford researchers have found a way to use silicon nanowires to reinvent the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power laptops, iPods, video cameras, cell phones, and countless other devices.

Have you all heard about the new super duper batteries at Stanford? Apparently these new silicon nano-wire batteries hold ten times the charge of the current best effort and would not be hard to ramp up into production.

All-Electric Cars, Anyone?

A Little Taste

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Here’s a little taste of General Chaos and the Natural Order recorded at Oz’s on 12/06/07 (two Thursdays ago):


Jeff Kupperman – violin

Ross Strayer – traps

Tim Twiss – guitar

Steve Osburn – stick

Dan Bilich – trumpet, keys

The Golden Compass

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Of Man’s first disobedience, and the fruit
Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste
Brought death into the world, and all our woe,
With loss of Eden, till one greater Man
Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat.

So begins Book One of John Milton‘s epic poem Paradise Lost. Try as I might, and I have actually tried at least a little, I have never been able to get a handle on Paradise Lost. It is a forbidding read to this 21st Century American.

But now there is The Golden Compass.

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Record Me!!!

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Last night I was at Big Sky Recording recording My Alibi, a song I co-wrote with Dave Mason. It’s a great song (here’s a link to an older version recorded at home), and we needed to get it cleanly recorded.

In the studio, a hundred other songs I’ve written and inadequately presented to the world all shouted for my attention.

“Record Me!!! – You Promised!!!”

They’re right. I promised.

I aim to keep my promise.

Squirrel Trouble (part 3)

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As previously noted, if you want this to make sense, you should probably start at Squirrel Trouble (part 1).


OK, the squirrel didn’t “get” me. I got him.

First I called Karen back and assured her that I was OK. Then I left the bathroom, closing the door behind me, and hurried out to the garage to find the trap. Got it. Now a slice of apple with a bit of peanut butter… » Read the rest of this entry «

Squirrel Trouble (part 2)

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This post is a continuation of Squirrel Trouble (part 1). You pretty much need to read the setup first…

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