Bravo Montel Williams

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I am told Montel Williams got fired for telling the truth like this:

[youtube co3Spcq6Uzs nolink]

FISA Explained

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Senator Feingold says:

[youtube QDlYcn5HEs8 nolink]

The Slipper Tongue

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Occasionally one comes across a story that is just too good, or at any rate too satisfying, too apropos to be true. Such is this story.

Is it a hoax?

I’ve tried to track down the text of the original story but can’t find it online, though my Google search confirms the existence of a story called The Slipper Tongue. Eventually I’ll dig it up in the UM library. Presumably they will have The Saturday Evening Post from 1916.

But not tonight.

I think it’s for real.


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Last week Steve Hiltner sent me a link to this 20 Minute video called The Story of Stuff. (Please watch a minute or two even if you don’t have twenty to spare just now). The Story of Stuff does a great job of showing us what we are up against.

It’s hard to talk about economics, but this is a good start.

My New iPod

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I got an 80 GB iPod Classic for Christmas. It is amazingly cool, a technological wonder, a miracle. My new iPod, in conjunction with my iTunes searchable database, is a really powerful tool for organizing and listening to music.

Most 13 year olds already know this…

But there is another dimension to this thing for me. It is now possible for me to attach a microphone to the iPod through its USB port, record directly into the iPod, and then dump the files straight into iTunes as a Wav file – without ever having to visit the analog world. Thus I can now take audio notes like this Memo #1 and put them directly onto my computer. » Read the rest of this entry «

Sweeney Todd

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Last Friday night Karen and I went to the movies and saw and heard Sweeney Todd.

It was fantastic.

It was horrible.

When we got home I tried to write about the show while the memory was still fresh for me, but I couldn’t put my finger on the essence of the experience until I spoke with Karen, who totally nailed it. I can’t do any better, so I’ll paraphrase:

You’re captured by the music – and then the music holds you there squirming while it forces you to go along for the ride.

It forces you to look at something you would ordinarily look away from.

It’s like being water-boarded or something. A near drowning experience. Exquisite torture.

Not exactly a high recommendation. But I agree.

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