the Big Dog

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Remember those robotic dragonflies? Check out the Big Dog.

This stuff gives me the willies.

Extrapolating, if the engineers have developed the technology to build these robots, then, given what we know about our current government and the human race in general, what are they likely to have built that they aren’t showing us?

A little bit scary, yes?

[youtube /v/W1czBcnX1Ww&hl=en” nolink]


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If you want to better understand the ramifications of the Bear Stearns default, watch the News Hour/Paul Solman video down the page at this link…



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Well, I guess we probably passed the record.


Song Night

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A cold February night in Ann Arbor. It’s Song Night at my house, and we’re just getting warmed up.

On this night, February 21, 2008, I was very fortunate to have Oz – Steve Osburn – on bass, Dave Mason on bongos, Jeff Kupperman on violin. I played the piano and sang a bit.

Here’s what happened….


Is there a song in here? With this one, I don’t necessarily think so. It’s nice, but it doesn’t beg to be revisited.

Sometimes at these Song Night sessions, a Song is born. Sometimes, the Process IS the Product.

That’s OK too.

More Snow!!!?

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OK, I’m torn. Apparently, Ann Arbor has had a nearly record amount of snow this year. From the Ann Arbor News two weeks ago:



So far this season, the Ann Arbor area has received 76.9 inches of snow, said Dennis Kahlbaum, a University of Michigan weather observer. That compares to an area average of 52.9 inches over an entire season, which runs from July through June.

The local snowfall numbers are inching close to the 2004-05 season record, when 83.9 inches of snow came down.

Here it is March 20, the Spring Equinox. I’m ready for Spring, and now I hear we’re supposed to get 3 to 5 inches of snow tomorrow.

I’m ready for Spring. However, having come this far, it would be a shame to fall short of the snow record.

What will be will be….

“the Wright Controversy”

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[youtube /v/pWe7wTVbLUU&hl=en”]

I want Barack Obama to be President of the United States of America. I think the speech I’ve posted above was a great speech. My first and only comment is that at this precise political moment Senator Obama needed to simply stop and clearly say the words “God Bless America”.

He didn’t do that in this speech. That’s OK. But he should, SOON, simply give us a ten second sound bite of Barack Obama being able to proudly say “God Bless America”.

Insulting? Perhaps. But many people, including myself, are insulted and affronted by hearing Reverend Wright say “God Damn America” repeatedly. Until Senator Obama says the magic words, we’ll keep hearing it.

“God Bless America.”

Thus would “the Wright controversy” come to an end.

WordPress Classic Theme?

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Whaddya think?

How Could We Not See?

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I don’t know much about the Finance business, but evidently the shit is hitting the fan. Look at this building:


Does this look like the kind of object that you would sell in a hurry? Unless maybe something extraordinary was moving behind the scenes? » Read the rest of this entry «

More on Fallon

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This article says that Fallon left because of Iraq, not Iran. Hmmmm….

The Machine Is Us/ing Us

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Cool Video…

[youtube /v/NLlGopyXT_g&hl=en” nolink]

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