The Chipmunks are Back

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You know Chipmunks.

We have some history with Chipmunks at our house. I think we’ve captured and deported four in the last four days. They’re incredibly cute – but they invade our house.

And seem to multiply exponentially…

Publishing “Illumination”

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I’m playing around with how I might use the “tell-me-more button” to publish my music and songs and pods of all flavors.

Lets say I want to present my song Illumination to the world…

(Hover your mouse over the link at “Illumination” – an mp3 will open up and play. Down the bottom of the little window there will be “Related Media” icons. These will take you to a lyric, a piano/vocal score, and a blog entry about the song).


Places I’d Like to Visit Near the Mediterranean This Summer

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Continuing with my Apture fun and games, let’s see, I’d like to visit Split, Rome, Athens, the Pyramids, Prague…

That will last us a few days.

The New Improved “Tell-Me-More” Button

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(UPDATE – 5.29.08 – I’ve installed Apture. Here’s what it looks like to mess around with it.)

I remember seeing a TV special back in the late 90s with Ted Koppel moderating a panel talking about the future of computers and the brand-new internet. John Sculley, CEO of Apple Computer at the time, and Nicholas Negroponte of MIT’s Media Lab were trying to talk sense and vision to the novelist Tom Wolf and the historian Daniel Boorstin.

Scully was trying the explain the “tell-me-more” button, to Wolf’s and Boorstin’s consternation and incomprehension

The “tell-me-more” button has arrived in the guise of Apture. Here’s a tutorial.

I’m supposed to be able to easily install Apture in WordPress at theWheel. So far I haven’t been able to get it to work.

I’ll make it work.

Network for Sale?

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How much would it cost to buy a major TV Network?

Let’s see, if one million investors each invested $1,000.00, then there would be a pool of a billion dollars…If ten million investors each invested $2,000.00, then there would be a pool of 20 billion dollars…

What does a Network – you know, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX – and all their associated FCC licenses cost?

How about a big radio conglomerate – a Clear Channel – someone who has FCC licenses to burn?

How ’bout it, America?

Maybe we can BUY our nations discourse back from our Corporate masters?

Light = 1

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On 11.30.06 I was thinking:

Light cannot be quantified except from the Point Of Veiw of another observer. Otherwise it is of itself beyond the province of mathematics.

Po Light = 1.

Global Warming and the Silent Scream

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by Stephen Hiltner

Cross-Posted from Princeton Primer.

I’m always amazed at those who study climate change. How congenial and patient they are as they tell us of the catastrophic direction we are taking the earth. They are messengers who, like most messengers through history, are being roundly ignored by all but a few. They must go home at night, after yet another long day of throwing compelling data at the global wall of indifference, and scream into the dark.

The Scream is a famous painting by Edvard Munch. I think of it now, and learn from Wikipedia that its inspiration came one evening when the sky suddenly turned blood red, and he “sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.” “The person in the foreground may be the artist himself, not screaming but protecting himself or itself from the scream of Nature.”

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Faces in the Smoke

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A quote from pages 21-22 of Douchan Gersi’s Faces in the Smoke (with my emphasis)

“Our culture filters the information we receive and ultimately determines our perception of the world around us. Like a lens, it brings some aspects of the world into sharp focus, while blurring its other aspects. If we change cultures, we change the way in which we perceive the world. We then live in a different world, where different interactions become possible. What is impossible for us remains impossible as long as we live in the cultural world that formed our perceptions. Thus each culture creates its own limitations and its own limitless possibilities.”

Republicans and Our Enemies

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Senator Joe Biden of Delaware nails it in this Wall Street Journal piece.

The Chicken or the Egg?

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Chicken & Egg – Nature

Chicken = SpaceTime

Egg = Observation

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

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