Birds and Stones

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Here’s a link to Symour Hersch’s new article on Iran at the New Yorker.

What do I think is going on? I think Bush and Cheney and whoever else is actually running the show in the Bush “administration” want to kill two birds, and perhaps thousands or millions of Iranians, with one stone.

The birds? An American Presidential election and the military entrenchment of a permanent Corporate fossil fuel dictatorship in control of Middle East natural resources and American military might.

The stone? A war – or at the very least a war fever in the American Corporate Media – in Iran, just in time for the American elections this fall.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m probably right.


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Oh, I try to be positive. I wanted to love WALL*E. When I saw Ratatouille, I raved about it. I admire Pixar, and would love to write music for them some day.

But I didn’t love WALL*E. I was bored. And it’s not WALL*E’s fault. The people at Pixar know, better than anyone on or off this Planet, that Story trumps all. » Read the rest of this entry «

I Put This Moment…Here

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Three minutes into Kate Bush’s song Waking the Witch KB says “I put this moment…here” two or three times.


A piece of music can be in essence a Gesture. The notes are an effect – a byproduct of the body/mind Gesture. We chase down the notes, but it is the Gesture that is the key.

“I put this moment…here.”

Buried Alive…?

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Senator Chris Dodd’s FISA Floor Speech

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This is IMPORTANT. The whole thing is important. If you don’t have a spare half hour, the speech is particularly focused at about 29 minutes.

Thank you Chris Dodd.

Water on Mars…?

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Particles and Waves

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A wave is just a particle with the eternal NOW on its hands, trying all the options.

A particle is a single observation of one of those many options.

We Are the Show

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On December 7th, 2006 I was thinking:

(Physicists are) looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Should be looking FROM the “Physical” phenomena back at the Observer who/which is PRIME.

We are preoccupied with looking at teeny stuff and enormous stuff instead of the stuff at the scale of our everyday life that “causes” all of the teeny and enormous stuff.

Reflecting today, I concur. The essential reality is our experience Right Here Right Now. The Very Big and Very Little are fascinating, as the mathematics unfolds as it must in all directions, but they are not the Show.

We Are the Show.

“My Friends”

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I found this video of Stephen Sondheim teaching and directing the duet My Friends from his Sweeney Todd to be quite interesting. This piece has long been my favorite in the show – it’s just amazing, and then, to top it off, Jonathan Tunick’s orchestration (listen to the cinematic clip below) is beautiful.

The dramatic subtleties, and the way they are made manifest in Sondheim’s music and lyric are something to behold.

Now watch and listen to Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter on the same tune in the recent movie musical. It’s really Sweeney’s moment here, and Depp gets what Sondheim was going for.


Happy Solstice

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The light is back.

Where am I?

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