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Gotta email this one to all the Steely Dan compadres…

Supersaturated Solution

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This – a supersaturated solution – is something that seems to occur in music composition. I load up the tune in my mind…then eventually the right seed crystal drops in.

Super Bunny

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Ignore the audio. We’re thinking there must be some baby bunnies around.

A Hard Day’s Night

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I’ve been thinking a bit about Process and Product, and music in the public mind.

A Hard Day’s Night is a place in the universe where Process and Product mutually consumed each other. The Process was a process of creating Product, and the Product was an embodiment of the Process creating Product embodying Process creating…

So there is a magical feedback loop between Process and Product that can lead to an incredibly joyful and inventive and vivacious Product embodying Process creating Product embodying Process…

The thing about The Beatles is that yes, the music and the songs were great in of themselves – I mean the singing and the compositions were often first rate, but there was another dimension.

These four guys were in such an incredible movie – the movie of their lives together – that the incredible process that they were caught up in inevitably was a part of the product that was produced.

Product is empty if the Process is a drag. Process is a drag without a Product to inspire us to fulfill our highest selves.

The Process is the Product.

Obama Video Logo

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OK. Check out the video logo at the end of this little Obama video.


If you hover your curser above the Apture link at the top of this post, the video should start playing, starting very near the logo at about six minutes into the piece.

I say it again. Brilliant.

Green Onions

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Oh yeah…

Obama in Berlin

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CBS “News” goes to the mat for McCain, Bush, and their Corporate Masters whoever actually owns and controls our American Government these days.

DNA Animation

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Check this out.

The Carbon Cycle

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Here’s a link to a great post at DailyKos about the carbon cycle. Bravo.

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