Gustav and the LOOP

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Click on the picture to visit a great informative diary on Hurricane Gustav and the American oil industry.

Al Gore at the DNC

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I’m still angry that the Year 2000 Presidential Election was stolen from Al Gore. Clearly, the best thing those of us who are essentially Gore Democrats can do to honor Al Gore this fall is to help elect Barack Obama President of the United States of America.

After that, I think Al Gore still has some work to do.

We’ll be there for you, Al.

Yes We Can!

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I watched Barack Obama’s acceptance at the Democratic Convention tonight, and am more convinced than ever that it is the time for us to put Senator Obama in the White House.

He was great. Quite musical, actually. Remarkable voice.

More later.

We Have A Nominee !!!

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This was very cool.

Yes We Can!

“No way, no how, no McCain.”

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Bravo. Excellent. That’s right – Hillary nailed it.

Thank you Senator Clinton.

Body Surfing in Lake Michigan

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Wow. I don’t get out much – life is full and time is short. However, every now and again my little family manages to seize an opportunity. Today Last Sunday 8.17.08 was such a day.

For the last three years in a row we have been over near Michigan’s famed “West Coast” to pick up daughter number one from music camp. Last Sunday the weather was perfect, so we stopped at our favorite Lake Michigan Beach.

It was very cold and very fun. One does not get to go body surfing in fresh water every day.

Experimental Talking Kangaroo

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I have recently made a pledge to myself to again attend closely to my dreams – that is, the movies every night while I sleep – to remember and record them, and most importantly, TO HONOR THEM.

Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes it looks like nonsense. But there is always something worthwhile to be found.

So, in the spirit of honoring these nightly Oracles, I will publish a dream I experienced a couple of mornings ago, Experimental Talking Kangaroo.

Experimental Talking Kangaroo


Karen and I are in Australia at a laboratory where the elite of Australian Science have created a talking kangaroo. Maybe it is animated, maybe it is alive. We don’t know.

Karen and I and a technician are in a room (the size of the gym annex at my junior high school – big enough for 12 year olds to play a very cramped game of field hockey – say 50′ x 30′) with the kangaroo, which, in the dream, is only partially visible.

Do kangaroos bite?

The kangaroo talks.

Wierd vibe. Something is wrong here. It seems to have a soul, yet to be partially disembodied.

I shrink along the wall with Karen.

OK. There it is.

Sonic Boom

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You Simply Dance

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Here’s a dream I had many years ago:

You simply dance. Don’t analyze. Don’t worry about anything. Be in this one moment. THIS moment and dance.

In a city parking lot. Many seekers are aimlessly dancing. I KNOW the answer. Some listen desperately. I say the secret is to let go of worrying about the secret and simply DANCE.

I breathlessly tell a few DESPERATE souls – desperate to dance correctly – that to dance correctly you simply have to let go of worrying or even caring about the quality of your dance. You just let go and DO it.

I guess I could still learn something from this one.

Hold Me Tight

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Here’s an interesting contrast. I’m a huge Beatles fan, and yet I did not know the Lennon-McCartney song Hold Me Tight until I heard it in Across the Universe. Here it is in the movie:

and then again from The Beatles (with Paul and Linda McCartney photos):

Very interesting…

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