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Electrical generation technology developed right here in Ann Arbor, and testing right now in the Detroit River…


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Dino for dinner…


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My belly is full. My family is safe. I have a degree of political and economic freedom.

I do not take any of this for granted.

Human Mirror

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This is fun…

Poker Anyone?

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From a comment on a column by Robert Reich at TPM:

No. The choke point in the credit markets is between the banks themselves, and between other major holders of credit instruments – central banks, sovereign funds, and the like.

Think of it like a mob poker game. Each player has figured out that they’re holding more chips than there is money to back those chips, so none of them wants to bet. Of course, what this means is that the game is over.

Usually at this point the game banker gets shot.

Water Ice on Mars

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Good news. Apparently there is new evidence of lots of water ice on Mars. If humanity can hold on for a few more years on Earth, looks like we could get ourselves a spare planet, just in case…

I’d Love To Turn You On

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I’d Love To Turn You On. Seems like a good compass direction to follow as we all move forward.

Does it wake you up?

Does it render you emotional?

Does it bring you to life?

Does it serve the interest of expanding JOY in the Universes?

Let us all taste LIFE – the cooks, the servers, and the guests.

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Obama’s Climate Speech

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Here Comes the Sun

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Here’s an interesting video about solar power.

The Spirit of the Age

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The other night in a post entitled “Turning the Page” I wrote the following:

The election is over, and I am feeling a curious reluctance to write or post about politics anymore.  I want to turn the page.

Perhaps what I now see is an opportunity to move forward on the cultural front, creating the world we want to live in.  Let the politics follow the culture for a while.

Here’s another quote, this time from the Portable Jung:

The creative process, so far as we are able to follow it at all, consists in the unconscious activation of an archetypal image, and in elaborating and shaping this image into the finished work. By giving it shape, the artist translates it into the language of the present, and so makes it possible for us to find our way back to the deepest springs of life. Therein lies the social significance of art: it is constantly at work educating the spirit of the age, conjuring up the forms in which the age is most lacking. The unsatisfied yearning of the artist reaches back to the primordial image in the unconscious which is best fitted to compensate the inadequacy and one-sidedness of the present. The artist seizes on this image, and in raising it from deepest unconsciousness he brings it into relation with conscious values, thereby transforming it until it can be accepted by the minds of his contemporaries according to their powers.”

There has never been a more opportune moment for humanity.  We have incredible tools.  We know a lot of stuff.  There is much good will.

Let us rise to the occaision.

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