“Stunningly Superficial…”

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the Owl

Karen wants me to set this epic smackdown to music…

Presenting the Orb

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Nick Sears’ demos the Orb in his TED talk.

2009 Rave

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Welcome to the Future.  2009 is on its way.  I don’t know about you, but I feel poised, on the cusp of something.  Many bits of experience are coalescing into a conviction that profound change is upon us, for better and for worse.

Now that Obama has won the Presidency, I find myself strangely disinterested in politics.  It’s as though now that there is a possibility of sane stewardship and leadership in Washington, those of us who are possible cultural players have our work cut out for us.

Wake up, America!!!  Wake up, World!!!   » Read the rest of this entry «

Lessig and the FCC

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Larry Lessig has something to say about the FCC…

TVA Toxic Coal Ash Spill

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I wonder if this story will make it into the licensed corporate media…?

U-M to buy Pfizer’s former Ann Arbor property

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Big news here in Ann Arbor…


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Over at TMP Josh Marshall will often post one sentence “Deep Thoughts” – just simple undeveloped musings. I’m going to do something similar here at theWheel.

I need a catch phrase…

Perhaps something incorporating Edward DeBono’s “Po”.

UDATE – Po how about “Torque”?

Evening Star

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The first self-consciously dramatic song I ever wrote got written because I was living in Connecticut way back in 1991 and had read about a musical theater workshop in Manhattan – the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop – that had participants write a ballad for Blanche DuBois from Tenessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire as an assignment.   » Read the rest of this entry «

The Future of Prime-Time TV?

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I rarely watch prime-time or any other time of TV, but lots of people do, so it’s interesting that things appear to be changing…

The Shock Doctrine

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This video is shocking, and not appropriate for children. Be careful.

What is The Shock Doctrine? The Shock Doctrine is a book by Naomi Klein which coins a metaphor – a mapping between barbaric American psychiatric practices in the mid 20th century and the right wing Chicago School economic theories and practices of Milton Friedman and his legions of very well funded disciples.

The essence is that “disaster capitalists” have exploited and sometimes deliberately induced society wide shocks – for instance, using the great tsunami of 2004, the Iraq invasion, the September 11 attacks, and so forth – as opportunities to remake shocked societies in the same way that primitive sadistic psychiatrists tried to use electroshock therapy to erase and remake the personalities of individuals.

This is scary stuff, and it rings true to me.

I’m only on page 63 of Klein’s 558 page book, but I’m knocked out.

More later on this one.

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