In the Hands of A Very Safe Driver

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I was listening to an interview of the English novelist John Fowles (The Magus, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Daniel Martin), wherein Fowles is asked about screen adaptations of his novels.  Speaking of Harold Pinter, who wrote the screenplay for The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Fowles said that with Pinter he never worried about the course of the adaptation – “It’s like being in a very safe driver’s hands…”

That is precisely how I’ve felt on those few occasions when I have been fortunate enough to have renditions or productions of my work overseen by people who have my complete confidence.  I relinquish the driver’s seat, the steering wheel, the accelerator, the brake and the map book.  If consulted, I make myself available and as helpful as I can contrive to be – though my impression is that it’s OK for me to take a nap if I am so inclined.

It’s best for me to just cool out and let the work find its way.

This is a very good feeling indeed.

(UPDATED on 5.31.09)

Jennifer Granholm for Supreme Court Justice

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The pace is accelerating and a choice is imminent. Barack Obama will very likely nominate a Supreme Court Justice this week to replace retiring Justice David Souter.

One of the names being mentioned as a possibility is that of our Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm.


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The Internet Evolves

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I will begin this post by stating clearly that I do not know what happened on September 11 2001.  I do not have confidence in the official stories.  I have no pet theory or theories of my own that I am ready to publish.  Perhaps I should say that I suspect that I will eventually be exposed to FACTS that I don’t yet have that will prove crucial to my understanding of 9/11.  It is illogical to suppose that the same Bush administration that lied to us about most everything – counting votes in Florida, classifying CO2 as a pollutant, Iraq, WMDs, torture, spying on Americans, politicization of the Justice Department, the list goes on and on – told us nothing but the truth concerning 9/11.

So anyhow, there’s a foofaraw over at Daily Kos tonight over a diary

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Almost as cool as a trombone

How to make a Trombone…

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Stupid Man Overshadowed

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From The Onion:

BETHESDA, MD—A long, idiotic rant delivered by a demonstrably stupid man was interrupted Monday by the ramblings of a man who, in addition to being stupid, spoke in a very loud voice. “The first man was certainly stupid, but he was more relentless than loud,” said a quiet and somewhat reasonable man who witnessed the dispute. “So when the other man began saying something even stupider at a much higher volume, naturally I had to pay attention to him.” As of press time, both men had quieted down somewhat, but remained stupid.

Star Trek – Barack is Spock

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(image from the New York Times)

UPDATE – I get it now.  Spock is now President of the United States!!!  American mother, Kenyan father – Human mother, Vulcan father.  That’s what’s so cool, and part of what feels so good about Obama’s Presidency – we are living in Star Trek, and we have elected Spock President, knowing full well that he is half Vulcan.

For one can be half Vulcan and totally human, just as one can be half Kenyan and totally American.

Yes, I know that Kenyans are not aliens, but from the point of view of many Americans throughout our history, they might as well be.

How very cool!!!

For Mother’s Day the girls and I took Karen to the movies to see the new Star Trek prequel:

The show was strangely moving, despite what I would consider its many flaws.

Kirk behaves in a way that would earn him a Court-martial in any real military organization, yet inexplicably winds up as Captain of the Enterprise anyhow. Probably by necessity, the physics essential to the story rushes by in a flurry of hand waving. There are unnecessary monsters, outrageous coincidences, gratuitous sword fights, danglings from heights, bam bam boom – etc.

And yet I liked the show and was at times moved by it.

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Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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We Need To Go Far Quickly

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Clean Coal and Joe Camel – peas in a pod…


I have a link here to Al Gore’s most recent (Filmed February 2009) TED talk.  Please please please have a look.  We need to go far quickly.

Space Junk

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A New Frontier, and what does our species do with it?  Immediately begin to fill it up with dangerous trash.  Sometimes it’s enough to make me cry.  From Wired Science:


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