On the Waterfront

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Film is different from theater.  This much I’ve figured out….

Here are Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando, directed by Elia Kazan in On the Waterfront...

Check out the rhythm/groove of the machinery (locomotive?) at 3:00 into this clip.  Karl Malden and Marlon Brando…

I just read a book on directing film by David Mamet, wherein he says film is all about the cut – the juxtaposition of uninflected images in the mind of the audience in such a way as to force the audience to create a “meaning” of the film out of its own associations to the juxtaposed images.

I’m still chewing on this…

It’s Up To Us

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I really don’t want to think about Government and Democracy and Big Finance and Insurance Companies and Agribusiness and Global Warming and so forth.

And I wish you didn’t need to think about all these things either. It would be nice if everything were OK. It would be nice if electing well-meaning people were adequate to ensure good governance.

But it’s not.

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Fire Care

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A health care metaphor…

Poem for the Rooftops of Iran – June 19th, 2009

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I don’t know what to say about this video. It’s pretty much beyond words. First of all, I don’t speak Farsi/Persian, so I really have no idea whether the English translation of the spoken words is even remotely accurate.

So I’ll set aside the poem.

But listen to the city. The humanity. The incredible vibe.

What does it sound like when a Revolution is NOT happening?

West Philadelphia Orchestra

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Saw and heard these folks – or eight of them, anyhow – at the Top of the Park in Ann Arbor Monday night.  They were great.  The sousaphone player – a different guy from the one in this video –  was the best I’ve ever heard.  Great bass player on a big big horn…

Maple Whirlygig Vortex

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I saw an interesting article about maple whirlygigs at Discover…

Smoke particles illuminated with laser light around a freely flying maple seed reveal a prominent leading edge vortex. The visualization of the leading edge vortex on this and 31 other specimens of…

And here’s a “monocopter”

This is a shakedown flight for the world’s first hybrid powered monocopter. A monocopter is a flying machine with a single wing on one end and a motor on the other end. It is kind of a maple seed…

Dolphins and Bubble Rings

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This video, which I came across at DailyKos, is just way too cool. I had never even heard of bubble rings, but I guess these dolphins should know…

Stephen Colbert’s Haircut

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Stephen Colbert gets a haircut…

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Obama Orders Stephen’s Haircut – Ray Odierno
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Single Payer – Medicare for All

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We need a Public Option, at the very least, in our health care.  The thing that bugs me most about the current employer based systems is how they tend to serve as a tether, tying people to employment they would otherwise reject.

I haven’t a lot to say about health care – I do, however have a sense that now is the time to rid our families and our nation of the health biz parasites that have in millions of instances enslaved and bankrupted us.

A couple of links – one on Single Payer – Medicare for All from DailyKos.

Also, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces single payer bill.

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