Shatner does Palin – an Instant Classic

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This is just too real to be real…

Here’s Sarah’s original. Shatner’s verbatim reading starts with Ms. Palin’s words one minute into the clip:

Watch Your Wallets…

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“Too Big To Fail.” “High Frequency Traders.” A “Ponzi Scheme – an Inside Job.” Sorry to say, our financial system appears still to be rotten to the core. Watch your wallets…and then watch this:

And this:

Oh, gloom and doom.  It would be so nice to believe that since we elected Barack Obama, all is in good hands and there’s no need to worry anymore.  Wrong. 

CBS News – Lunar Landing

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I remember….

For Once In My Life

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Oh man. It doesn’t get any better than this.  Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder singing For Once In My Life.  Together.  What a great vibe.  I mean – set aside the fact that these  two men are great and influential vocal stylists – they just obviously really love and respect each other.

This makes the music really something special.

I found this video at The Daily Dish.

the STOUTS – 4.21.98

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Today I went to see a play – A Picasso – at Performance Network in Ann Arbor.  I liked the play, but tonight’s piece for theWheel is about something else – the STOUTS.   After the play I got back in my car in the parking structure.  When I turned on the engine, the van’s sound system started playing what I’d been listening to before going into the theater – the end of a song called What I Came For, which is a song written by my friend Pete Nice and recorded by a trio called the STOUTS  (Pete, myself, and Kelly Simpson on drums) back in the late 1990’s in Birmingham Alabama, where I then lived.

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Concerning Goldman Sachs’ Profits…

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Interesting article by Matt Taibbi at True/Slant, and another from Paul Krugman at HuffPost…


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From The Daily Dish. This one is worth sharing, and very much cleverer than the average art school project…


By the way, the music, which I like even though techno pop is generally not my cup of tea, is by Royksopp.  Here’s a link to the video page at their site.

So…I went and looked and listened around.  Truly the video is more interesting than the music.  In the Deadline piece, they at least had a harmonic change thrown in at one point.  A lot of the music just repeats the same thing over and over and over…

There is a problem implicit in using too many primitive 21st century thinking machines while writing music.  The music gets locked in as code in an embryonic 21st century computer, and never has a chance to self-organize in the mature technological environment of the human bio-computer – which, after all, has been evolving for thousands, nay – millions of generations (if you count apes and early mammals and reptiles and whatever else we’ve evolved from all the way back to the most primitive self-organized nervous systems…)

Oh well.

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Senator Franken

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Check out the clip starting at 6:35. Will Senator Franken perform this “Stupid Human Trick” on the Senate floor?

Souped Up Golf Cart

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From Shannyn Moore at the Huffington Post, on Sarah Palin’s resignation…

I have said Sarah Palin’s political ambition combined with her intellect is like putting a jet engine on a golf cart; lots of horse power and no steering capabilities. Today she proved it.

This is fairly nasty, but unfortunately rings true.


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I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile to write about at theWheel tonight, so I sat back down at the piano to dink around with my current top musical project.

I was working on – playing with – a setting of one of Arnold Lobel’s FABLES, The Baboon’s Umbrella, when Karen got out of bed and walked out to the piano in the living room to tell me how nice it sounded.  This does not happen every day.  She told me how she hears me playing so much that I become musical wallpaper, but she noticed this one tonight.

This compliment made my day – and it was a very good day – not so easy to put a topper on it.  This afternoon was my daughter’s birthday party with lots of family.  Then, earlier this evening, down to campus and Top of the Park to hear George Bedard and the Kingpins, a trio I used to play bass with back in the day, absolutely at the top of their game.  Great blues based roots rock and roll music.  Beautiful night – mid seventies – all of Ann Arbor out to celebrate summer.


Of course, I did not record whatever it was that I played that Karen thought was so nice, and somehow the effortless flow has not returned to me since.  There is some kind of magic that happens sometimes, when I forget I’m playing music and just play – essentially idly goofing around in the space of some worthy musical attractor.

Is it more natural to play music brilliantly when said brilliance is not seen by the player to be that big of a deal?


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