Crossbar Kick

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Check this out…

Cool Video

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OK – the music is just fine, but it’s the video concept here…

Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World

Teenager – a Different Flavor of Toddler

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Words of wisdom from my wife:

“Teenager – it’s like a toddler – just a different flavor of toddler…”

Tragedy and Comedy

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This week it is my happy duty to be directing actors in a scene from Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The School for Scandal. The scene in question, Scene I from ACT II, is between the rather late middle aged Sir Peter Teazle and his young wife Lady Teazle:

SIR PETER.  Lady Teazle, Lady Teazle, I’ll not bear it!

LADY TEAZLE.  Sir Peter, Sir Peter, you may bear it or not, as you please; but I ought to have my own way in everything, and what’s more, I will, too.  What! though I was educated in the country, I know very well that women of fashion in London are accountable to nobody after they are married.

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