Enough is Enough

December 7th, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink


(I wrote the following screed a month ago and didn’t publish it. Perhaps I thought it over-the-top, angry, bitter – somehow unworthy of theWheel.  And yet, what more appropriate tone can one adopt? This one may come back to bite me, but it’s real today.)

OK.  I’m calling bullshit.  Physics.  “String Theory”  Enough is enough.

Calling all string theorists.  Do you have any evidence for your theory?  Any repeatable testable observations?  Anything at all?  Looks like religion to me.  Fancy math.  I can’t do your fancy string theory math – or more to the point, until there is any repeatable testable experimental evidence, I see no point in learning esoteric notations that so far as I can tell refer to nothing.  Except maybe tenure.

I am not an illiterate.  I can read an orchestral score, but I assure you I would never have bothered to learn without first hearing repeatable testable renditions of scores.  Fancy graphics can embody great art and beauty.  They can also serve as smoke screens.

Enough is enough.

(Links to the Economist. and a blog called Not Even Wrong.)  Decide for yourself.

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