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I’ve been writing and posting at theWheel for going on four years now, which I suppose is long enough to convince me that I believe in something here.  But what is it that I believe in?  Dan Bilich musing publicly as theOwl?  That’s not it.  When I started this thing I had a vision of a “Wheel Behind This World”  that could serve as a cultural engine, a place for good ideas to be presented by many people and collectively developed into culturally active memes.    » Read the rest of this entry «

The Beatles Were Theater

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The Beatles were a theatrical presentation.  Yes, they were a pop or rock and roll band, but when they went on stage, it was as The Beatles, and the conceit was sufficiently fanciful to promote and/or require an essentially theatrical suspension of disbelief.  Once the ball was rolling, even their records were part of the essentially theatrical act.

(The preceding is an example of a post where I am sleepily torquing a provocative idea onto theWheel.  Little editing, no critical thinking.  Lots of room to be corrected, contradicted, extended, discussed or ignored.)  It’s OK to be wrong, though it helps to be wrong about something interesting…


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I saw this at the Daily Dish.  Worth a look…

Lumitectura from barno on Vimeo.

Cabal Chess

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What a cool picture.  A bit too realistic – it does feel a bit like this sometimes.  (I identify with the little people…)  I like the riot cops as pawns – so true.


I can’t source this image now.  I will when I find the information.


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Ahh yes, it has been some time since I posted regularly at theWheel – how could that be…?  Truth be told, I’ve been swamped, and theWheel was also at a transition point, so it just seemed best to let it go for a bit.  And how was I swamped?

In a word, Gravity.  This winter I’ve had the good fortune to write music for the world premier of David MacGregor’s play Gravity at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea Michigan.  It’s been a great experience, and sufficiently consuming that I just didn’t want to be distracted by theWheel or anything else.  The play is about the great Natural Philosopher Isaac Newton at a critical point of his life in 1693, when he was 50 years old.  If you live in the South Eastern Michigan region, or even anywhere close, you will be well rewarded if you come to the show.  Being involved with the play myself, I hesitate to say much more than that I believe that David MacGregor has written a Masterpiece – it is really really good – and that a very talented Purple Rose team, led by Artistic Director Guy Sanville, has delivered a loving production.  Here are a couple of reviews.  Do come if you can.

Per theWheel, I’ll have more to say later in the week.  I’ll be posting again, and you are invited to join me.  Till then…

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