Close to Home?

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So what’s going on here? The FBI has set up a command post at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department – that’s probably less than a mile (as the helicopter flies) from my house. I’m not going to pre-judge – but I’m damn curious. More news is trickling in.  From Fox News:

Seven people have been arrested for allegedly selling pipe bombs in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, Fox News has learned.

The arrests and raids in Michigan and Indianapolis are related to alleged militia activity in the region, but are not related to international terrorism. There is not a current threat to the public, according to a law enforcement source.

An official for the FBI’s Michigan bureau said initial court appearances are expected in Michigan on Monday.

Here’s some early video.

Silver Horns

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Have a look at these:


My old 1972 Bach Silver Trumpet and my brand new 1918 Keefer Eb Alto Horn.  Three cheers for e-bay.  The new horn is too cool.  Here’s another look:


How could anyone not buy this beautiful horn?  Last week I was down the basement with a digital reverb gadget plugged in, goofing around with the new horn.   Here’s what it sounds like.

After that I had to pull out the trumpet.

One of these years I’m going to find time to really learn how to play these horns.  I really love how they sound.

Unifying “Physics”

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Just in case I haven’t published this little tidbit yet…(UPDATE 3.11.10 – I guess I have).

In an email to a real certified Physicist today, I included the glyph:

…can we profitably think of prime numbers as a metaphor for coexisting yet not interpenetrating physical theories, unified by their common divisor “1”?

The import being that if Quantum Mechanics was like 2 and General Relativity was like 3 then both theories are divisible by 1 (God, Consciousness, Perception, Observation) yet do not interpenetrate.  Therefore a new theory of Quantum Gravity would be unnecessary to unify Physics.  Physics would be unified in the Unitary dimension of God, Consciousness, Perception, Observation.

Enough said.

(UPDATE 2.5.11)  In the Unitary dimension of Number.

Dream Cultivation

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So what do you do when change is upon you – not quite in your face yet, but definitely coming up?  How to marshal all of one’s capacity for clear thinking that takes everything into account while contemplating a big decision, a big life change, change of employment, change of primary identity – something BIG that requires all of your attention to get it right?

I am cultivating a Big Dream.  I expect to dream and remember a dream that will frame my current state of flux in imagery and narrative that are so evidently TRUE that I will be able to proceed with a confidence that my life change is animated in a State of Grace.  The very nature of the dream state seems to me to be a grand integration of all the information – facts, feelings, sensory memories, EVERYTHING – available to me as an organism.  It all comes together in a dream, and the very fact of my cultivating such a dream by publicly honoring this process makes my clarifying dream that much more likely to come sooner rather than later.

Of course I must pay attention to my dreams.

Heavy but true.  This really works for me.  I just need to pay attention.  And it helps to state my intention publicly.  Hence this pod…

Visual Instrumental Music

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This, about the Tijuana Brass, caught my eye:

What explains the left-field success of the Tijuana Brass? Certainly some credit goes to the album’s cover, which features a sultry model swathed in whipped cream. (Alpert, who co-owned the creative, independent A&M Records with Jerry Moss, recalled, years later, that this was the album where he “realized how important it is to be visual with instrumental music.”)



The State of the Internet

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Per last night’s pod about theWheel, this video is an interesting snapshot at today’s internet:

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

I found this at The Daily Dish.

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