On the Library Lot

April 10th, 2011 § 0 comments


Time to weigh in on this one. What do we want on the “library lot” here in Ann Arbor. It seems self-evident that we need a public social space for Ann Arbor residents. OK. Let’s think about it. How do we get there?

Some people want the site to generate tax revenues for the city. That’s not essential to me, but I certainly have nothing against having revenues generated at that site, so long as the people of Ann Arbor still get our public social space.

A theater? Theater in the park? Could this generate revenue? How? Could loud disruptive idiots be excluded from the park during theatrical events? How about loud traffic on 5th and Division? Buses?

I can imagine an Ann Arbor Theatrical festival in the Park that runs from May through October. A true theatrical destination.

Then ice skating.

That’s all for now, folks…


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