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Candy Apple Red

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Candy Apple Red ain’t what the adman said
But you’ll never know a better time
You’ll never know a better time than Candy Apple Red

Huh? That was me, writing about advertising at the age of twenty-one in 1979 (and singing about it in 1996). I was pretty skeptical then, and I remain skeptical now. However, I’ve come to wonder whether internet technologies have progressed to the point where a new form of mutually beneficial connectedness is now possible.

To take a poke at the biggest advertising model out there, I will note that I don’t like the way that “Ads by Google” from Google’s “AdSense” look and feel on a page. In my humble opinion, these ads usually seem to cheapen the impact of the hosting web page by diluting the page’s intentions.

(By the way, Google’s “AdWords” is an entirely different animal, intimately related to the function of Google’s search engine, coupling advertising links to search results.)

I would like to propose the possibility of a type of mutually beneficial “advertising” that does not look or feel like advertising. » Read the rest of this entry «

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