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Watch this. Amazing.


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I found this at THE DISH.  Beautiful.  Put on some headphones, go to full screen and enjoy…

INSPIRATIONS from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Now look at the wire frames…

INSPIRATIONS Wireframes from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Doodling in Math

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Saw this at The Dish. There are more of them at YouTube…

On Charity

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Saw this at the Daily Dish. Worth a look.

The World…

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Yikes. The World just keeps on growing…

The Dubai Fountain

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Worth a look…

Cabal Chess

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What a cool picture.  A bit too realistic – it does feel a bit like this sometimes.  (I identify with the little people…)  I like the riot cops as pawns – so true.


I can’t source this image now.  I will when I find the information.

Enough is Enough

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(I wrote the following screed a month ago and didn’t publish it. Perhaps I thought it over-the-top, angry, bitter – somehow unworthy of theWheel.  And yet, what more appropriate tone can one adopt? This one may come back to bite me, but it’s real today.)

OK.  I’m calling bullshit.  Physics.  “String Theory”  Enough is enough.

Calling all string theorists.  Do you have any evidence for your theory?  Any repeatable testable observations?  Anything at all?  Looks like religion to me.  Fancy math.  I can’t do your fancy string theory math – or more to the point, until there is any repeatable testable experimental evidence, I see no point in learning esoteric notations that so far as I can tell refer to nothing.  Except maybe tenure.

I am not an illiterate.  I can read an orchestral score, but I assure you I would never have bothered to learn without first hearing repeatable testable renditions of scores.  Fancy graphics can embody great art and beauty.  They can also serve as smoke screens.

Enough is enough.

(Links to the Economist. and a blog called Not Even Wrong.)  Decide for yourself.

Beethoven in Color

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The Internet is great.  Basically, what we have here is a graphical (not notated) score of the Allegro from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony scrolling by while you listen to a recording of the music.  There are a bunch of these. Best to watch/listen in full screen.

I first ran across this stuff at The Daily Dish...


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From The Daily Dish. This one is worth sharing, and very much cleverer than the average art school project…


By the way, the music, which I like even though techno pop is generally not my cup of tea, is by Royksopp.  Here’s a link to the video page at their site.

So…I went and looked and listened around.  Truly the video is more interesting than the music.  In the Deadline piece, they at least had a harmonic change thrown in at one point.  A lot of the music just repeats the same thing over and over and over…

There is a problem implicit in using too many primitive 21st century thinking machines while writing music.  The music gets locked in as code in an embryonic 21st century computer, and never has a chance to self-organize in the mature technological environment of the human bio-computer – which, after all, has been evolving for thousands, nay – millions of generations (if you count apes and early mammals and reptiles and whatever else we’ve evolved from all the way back to the most primitive self-organized nervous systems…)

Oh well.

(Updated a couple of times 7.12.09)

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