Turn It Up!

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I’ve written a musical play called “7.4 ROCKS!!!”  It’s real.  Two acts.  Lots of music, lots of songs.  FUN!!!  It hasn’t been produced yet, but it will be.

One of the reasons for my confidence in 7.4 ROCKS!!! is the sheer energy and TRUTH that flow through the song I’m sharing today, Turn It Up!





Turn It Up! is sung by the show’s hero, Reggie Spinkler, an aging Program Director at a Classic Rock radio station circa 1991. Let me share my show’s premise:

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theWheel Rolls – Always

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Here goes. theWheel awakens again. Why now? Because Andrew Sullivan just folded the Dish? That’s actually part of it. The Dish accomplished many of the things that theWheel envisioned for itself. I’ll miss the Dish. Interestingly, the Dish remained dependent upon Andrew for its identity. Do I aspire to something else with theWheel? Yes. I would like theWheel to have a life of its own, independent of Daniel Bilich. Will I publish this little note? Yes. Roll on, lightning wheel.


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Driving the bus.  4 minutes down on my third trip of the day.  The 4th trip at 8:30 can be crazy on a Tuesday.  All the kids go to their Tuesday classes, I guess.  I say to myself, “I better pick up these 4 minutes or I’m going to get slomped.”

“Slomped.”  Where did that come from?  I thought about it for a few seconds and figured it must have been some kind of a synthesizing double elision between “slammed” and “stomped”.  I thought about John Lennon’s advice to George Harrison about finding the right word for a lyric – “you just keep saying the line over and over and saying whatever comes to mind in the empty place.”

Something in the way she moves

Attracts me like a rutabega


I thought of Pete Maravich’s game when no one, least of all Pistol Pete, knew what physical genius was about to instantiate.

Stevie Wonder’s melisma.  Charlie Parker’s phrasing.

And then I thought, “hey, I bet my elision was actually between ‘slammed’ and ‘swamped’.”  I hadn’t even had immediate access to my own thought processes in retrospect.

Take a flyer.

Trust the universes to provide for the completion of the gesture.

Embark upon the worthy gesture at a moments notice.

Here lies Genius.




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How bout like a multimedia Twitter sorta?


Red Ink…?

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I saw this at the Daily Dish.  Worth a look…

Lumitectura from barno on Vimeo.

Happy New Year To All

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Have a great 2009!!!

The Chipmunks are Back

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You know Chipmunks.

We have some history with Chipmunks at our house. I think we’ve captured and deported four in the last four days. They’re incredibly cute – but they invade our house.

And seem to multiply exponentially…

You Live You Learn

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There’s a feeling that comes over me from time to time – funny enough, more often than not on Friday night. I remember nights in Los Angeles, leaning on the edge of the world, lonely as hell.

Drink a beer. Take a walk. Drive twenty miles to walk on a beach and listen to the waves, a thousand miles clear.

You live you learn.

OOOeeee the Wild Night is Calling

(this is an old draft that I could not bear to throw away)

Richer Than Napoleon

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Earlier this evening I watched some home videos of my kids when they were little – precious stuff – and I got to thinking how I’m richer than Napoleon.

The Emperor could never see his children as they were five years in the past. Not for all the money in the world.

And it’s routine for me.

I’m rich rich rich.

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