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I first saw Arnold Lobel’s picture books in the late 1990’s, when my first daughter was little.  The first one I ran across was OWL AT HOME, a collection of five or six little stories about an owl.  I liked them a lot – at any rate enough to seek out other books by Lobel.


Eventually I found Arnold Lobel’s FABLES at the public library.  At first the FABLES mostly just seemed eccentric.  I liked them, I liked the pictures and the vibe and the clarity of the writing, and I could sense a great depth and energy and MUSICALITY about them, but it took me quite a while to appreciate their full potential.



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Turn It Up!

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I’ve written a musical play called “7.4 ROCKS!!!”  It’s real.  Two acts.  Lots of music, lots of songs.  FUN!!!  It hasn’t been produced yet, but it will be.

One of the reasons for my confidence in 7.4 ROCKS!!! is the sheer energy and TRUTH that flow through the song I’m sharing today, Turn It Up!





Turn It Up! is sung by the show’s hero, Reggie Spinkler, an aging Program Director at a Classic Rock radio station circa 1991. Let me share my show’s premise:

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A Zillion Theatrical Volts

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I’ve been working on musical settings of Arnold Lobel’s FABLES for several years now, and am finally at the point of getting singing actors to take a look at them.  I have a metaphor.

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2009 Rave

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Welcome to the Future.  2009 is on its way.  I don’t know about you, but I feel poised, on the cusp of something.  Many bits of experience are coalescing into a conviction that profound change is upon us, for better and for worse.

Now that Obama has won the Presidency, I find myself strangely disinterested in politics.  It’s as though now that there is a possibility of sane stewardship and leadership in Washington, those of us who are possible cultural players have our work cut out for us.

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Evening Star

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The first self-consciously dramatic song I ever wrote got written because I was living in Connecticut way back in 1991 and had read about a musical theater workshop in Manhattan – the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop – that had participants write a ballad for Blanche DuBois from Tenessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire as an assignment.   » Read the rest of this entry «

Send In the Clowns

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Across the Universe

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Somehow I missed this movie. It is a Masterpiece. Buy it. Rent it. Whatever.

See it. Hear it.

(Update – 8.3.08)

Beatles fanatic that I am, I don’t know how I missed seeing Across the Universe when it first came out in late 2007.

I remember seeing the title up on the marquis at the State Theater on campus and of course being curious. I seem to remember hearing part of a musical track – I Want To Hold Your Hand? – and thinking that it was a really good cover of the song. But still, time being what it is, I never pulled it together to go out of my way to seek the film out.

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Could it be that all of us are green in one way or the other? All or us want to defy gravity? What does it mean to be popular? – or good? – or Wicked?

As a birthday gift for my daughters, my mom got us all tickets to see the musical play Wicked up in East Lansing. Thus was my Sunday afternoon occupied.

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Oh, I try to be positive. I wanted to love WALL*E. When I saw Ratatouille, I raved about it. I admire Pixar, and would love to write music for them some day.

But I didn’t love WALL*E. I was bored. And it’s not WALL*E’s fault. The people at Pixar know, better than anyone on or off this Planet, that Story trumps all. » Read the rest of this entry «

“My Friends”

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I found this video of Stephen Sondheim teaching and directing the duet My Friends from his Sweeney Todd to be quite interesting. This piece has long been my favorite in the show – it’s just amazing, and then, to top it off, Jonathan Tunick’s orchestration (listen to the cinematic clip below) is beautiful.

The dramatic subtleties, and the way they are made manifest in Sondheim’s music and lyric are something to behold.

Now watch and listen to Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter on the same tune in the recent movie musical. It’s really Sweeney’s moment here, and Depp gets what Sondheim was going for.


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