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Dream Cultivation

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So what do you do when change is upon you – not quite in your face yet, but definitely coming up?  How to marshal all of one’s capacity for clear thinking that takes everything into account while contemplating a big decision, a big life change, change of employment, change of primary identity – something BIG that requires all of your attention to get it right?

I am cultivating a Big Dream.  I expect to dream and remember a dream that will frame my current state of flux in imagery and narrative that are so evidently TRUE that I will be able to proceed with a confidence that my life change is animated in a State of Grace.  The very nature of the dream state seems to me to be a grand integration of all the information – facts, feelings, sensory memories, EVERYTHING – available to me as an organism.  It all comes together in a dream, and the very fact of my cultivating such a dream by publicly honoring this process makes my clarifying dream that much more likely to come sooner rather than later.

Of course I must pay attention to my dreams.

Heavy but true.  This really works for me.  I just need to pay attention.  And it helps to state my intention publicly.  Hence this pod…


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Dreamt It Through the Grapevine – Night-flight.

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with dreams.  I can remember some very vivid BIG dreams from very early in my childhood – two in particular from a time when my family lived in a house in Ohio from which we moved when I was 4 years old.  My early intrepid experiments in expanding consciousness, my interest in and identification with Native American cultures, my love at first sight when I was finally exposed to Carl Jung (Man and His Symbols was my first contact), my full speed ahead obsession with lucid dreaming at a time when science, before Stephen LaBerge at Stanford, still insisted we lucid dreamers were self-delusional or just plain nuts, my later embrace of Joseph Campbell’s work identifying Myth as Public Dream (and Dream as Private Myth) – all this has been an ongoing central theme throughout my life.

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There Will Be Music Presently

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I had a Big Dream last Saturday (10-11-08).  I went to bed early and crashed at 9 o’clock or something after doing my day job driving buses in Ann Arbor.  100,000 people got out of a college football game and I had to drive a bus through their incredibly confused cacophony of vehicles.

What a nightmare.

Anyhow, I haven’t been remembering my dreams very well these days.  Unfortunately, I currently lead a life where I am awakened by an alarm clock on 5 of every 7 days.  I rarely awaken directly from REM.

I awakened from my dreams around 11:30 PM.

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A State of Grace

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What does it mean to be in a State of Grace?

Experimental Talking Kangaroo

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I have recently made a pledge to myself to again attend closely to my dreams – that is, the movies every night while I sleep – to remember and record them, and most importantly, TO HONOR THEM.

Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes it looks like nonsense. But there is always something worthwhile to be found.

So, in the spirit of honoring these nightly Oracles, I will publish a dream I experienced a couple of mornings ago, Experimental Talking Kangaroo.

Experimental Talking Kangaroo


Karen and I are in Australia at a laboratory where the elite of Australian Science have created a talking kangaroo. Maybe it is animated, maybe it is alive. We don’t know.

Karen and I and a technician are in a room (the size of the gym annex at my junior high school – big enough for 12 year olds to play a very cramped game of field hockey – say 50′ x 30′) with the kangaroo, which, in the dream, is only partially visible.

Do kangaroos bite?

The kangaroo talks.

Wierd vibe. Something is wrong here. It seems to have a soul, yet to be partially disembodied.

I shrink along the wall with Karen.

OK. There it is.

You Simply Dance

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Here’s a dream I had many years ago:

You simply dance. Don’t analyze. Don’t worry about anything. Be in this one moment. THIS moment and dance.

In a city parking lot. Many seekers are aimlessly dancing. I KNOW the answer. Some listen desperately. I say the secret is to let go of worrying about the secret and simply DANCE.

I breathlessly tell a few DESPERATE souls – desperate to dance correctly – that to dance correctly you simply have to let go of worrying or even caring about the quality of your dance. You just let go and DO it.

I guess I could still learn something from this one.

Euler and Mrs. Maloney

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I need to understand this.

I have long contemplated and indeed have written a musical story about one Mildred Maloney (here acted by Helen Slayton-Hughes at the BMI Musical Theater Workshop in Manhattan), whose neighbors want her to share her beautiful poems with the world (The Ballad of Mrs. Maloney (Part 1) and who has a favorite number, 7.4… » Read the rest of this entry «

Light Pebble

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Let me paint a picture.

I’m in a room with Johnny Memphis. We have some kind of light-modulating apparatus. I’m on one side of the room – Johnny is on the other. We tell our machines to direct light into the center of the room where the beams intersect. » Read the rest of this entry «

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