Per the Reality of Global Warming

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I believe the evidence is clear that we humans are causing climate change. I don’t like to preach about it, as I want us to do something about it if possible, and preaching just hurts people’s feelings. On the other hand, this is a big deal, and I want to engage skeptics respectfully, on the merits of the evidence. This video does a good job of cutting to the essential.


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Watch this. Amazing.

Water on Mars Should be Salty

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Water on Mars surface today?

Saving Valentina

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This is inspiring. We share this planet with these magnificent creatures.

Don’t Worry…

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This is what we’re dealing with. And no, there is probably no direct correlation between any one extreme weather event and the broader climate change that certainly appears to be unfolding. But they are of the same fabric, the same weave. Our species’ choices are interwoven with every chaotic molecule in that tornado in Joplin. I feel in my bones that the totality of that event is of a piece with our changing earth’s atmosphere.

Tuscaloosa Tornado

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This is just amazing…

Greenland Melts

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The Frontier is Everywhere

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I found this at the Daily Dish.


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Quite the ride…

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