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I first saw Arnold Lobel’s picture books in the late 1990’s, when my first daughter was little.  The first one I ran across was OWL AT HOME, a collection of five or six little stories about an owl.  I liked them a lot – at any rate enough to seek out other books by Lobel.


Eventually I found Arnold Lobel’s FABLES at the public library.  At first the FABLES mostly just seemed eccentric.  I liked them, I liked the pictures and the vibe and the clarity of the writing, and I could sense a great depth and energy and MUSICALITY about them, but it took me quite a while to appreciate their full potential.



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I found this at THE DISH.  Beautiful.  Put on some headphones, go to full screen and enjoy…

INSPIRATIONS from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Now look at the wire frames…

INSPIRATIONS Wireframes from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

The Monkey Song

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I found this by the Animaniacs at Boing Boing:


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There’s a point in Pixar’s new film Ratatouille when the premier Parisian restaurant critic is about to come the the hero’s place for dinner and says that he will arrive with very high expectations.

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