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Technology and time march on, and I rethink theWheel yet again.

What if theWheel is a place to post provocative nuggets – bits of Torque, that then can spin off into Twitter and Daily Kos and the Dish and whatever else develops? theWheel proper is not where you go to digest the Torque.

Who posts to theWheel? Whoever I say can post, with the strong presumption being against inclusion.  I will think about this.

Are comments open?  Yes, but just to the relatively tiny Wheel community of posters.

Now that Obama has won reelection, the world’s wavefront has collapsed to a new, and for me, more promising reality.

This post is too big.

I Hope I May Be Of Some Service To You

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Hello to all.  I’ve not been posting regularly to theWheel for some time now.  I’ve been busy.  Well, I’m going to continue to be busy, but I think it’s time to start putting some Pods out there again.

Is it because I’m political, and the season is upon us again?  That’s part of it, I suppose.  More than that, I’m thinking that I have thoughts worth communicating to those of you who don’t already know all I have to say.  If you have me all figured out and I’m a waste of your time – perhaps you’re a lot more intelligent than I, and operate on some plane inconceivable to me – well, I guess this site isn’t for you.  On the other hand, if we’re of sufficiently similar compositions that we might profitably interact, this is for you.

I hope I may be of some service to you.

theWheel is awakening.

It’s Nearly Time

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Just a quick note to tell you all that theWheel will be turning again with new posts, soon. I’ve had a very full plate for a while now. It’s nearly time.

theWheel as a Brand

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Earlier tonight I went to a meeting of WordPress Ann Arbor. Much food for thought vis a vis theWheel and branding. Here it is, The Secret Formula:

Decide on your brand promise.

Make your brand promise.

Deliver on your brand promise.

Believe it or not, I actually know what I mean to do here.  Oh, to articulate it clearly.

One more task among hundreds, yet I look forward to this task.

The State of the Internet

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Per last night’s pod about theWheel, this video is an interesting snapshot at today’s internet:

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

I found this at The Daily Dish.


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I’ve been writing and posting at theWheel for going on four years now, which I suppose is long enough to convince me that I believe in something here.  But what is it that I believe in?  Dan Bilich musing publicly as theOwl?  That’s not it.  When I started this thing I had a vision of a “Wheel Behind This World”  that could serve as a cultural engine, a place for good ideas to be presented by many people and collectively developed into culturally active memes.    » Read the rest of this entry «

The Internet Evolves

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I will begin this post by stating clearly that I do not know what happened on September 11 2001.  I do not have confidence in the official stories.  I have no pet theory or theories of my own that I am ready to publish.  Perhaps I should say that I suspect that I will eventually be exposed to FACTS that I don’t yet have that will prove crucial to my understanding of 9/11.  It is illogical to suppose that the same Bush administration that lied to us about most everything – counting votes in Florida, classifying CO2 as a pollutant, Iraq, WMDs, torture, spying on Americans, politicization of the Justice Department, the list goes on and on – told us nothing but the truth concerning 9/11.

So anyhow, there’s a foofaraw over at Daily Kos tonight over a diary

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Turning the Page

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The election is over, and I am feeling a curious reluctance to write or post about politics anymore.  I want to turn the page.

Perhaps what I now see is an opportunity to move forward on the cultural front, creating the world we want to live in.  Let the politics follow the culture for a while.

More on this later.

Yet Another Music Business Model?

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Google’s music biz model in China…

Envisioning the Ultimate Publishing Pod (Part 1)

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I write Songs and Musical Drama. Furthermore, I have some thoughts I need to share about Nature and Science. How can I best present my work to the world? What would I like people to experience when they visit my work on the web?

I guess the overarching “theme” of this first Pod concerning “The Ultimate Publishing Pod” is the vision of being able to use the entire internet to amplify a published meme all within a unifying aesthetic envelope.

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