The Servant Economy

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I do believe this stuff rings true…start at 26:30 or so. This guy is telling the truth.

Robert Reich: Public vs. Private Morality

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Wow. Robert Reich nails it. Watch this video. Share this video.

Gravy Train?

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It’s different to see more than a few at a time. Watch the whole train. I don’t know what this means…

Mitt the Ripper

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Gotta love it…


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This should be read…  I, too, have had a bellyful of our dear masters.


Noam Chomsky in Amsterdam

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Interesting perspective…

Noam Chomsky in Amsterdam (13-03-2011) from Chomsky in Nederland on Vimeo.


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Rare Earth Elements

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I ran across these two links at Daily Kos concerning rare earth elements and what’s currently interesting about them.  Worth reading…



The Price of Endless War

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Andrew Bacevich has written an op-ed published in the Washington Post. Please read it.

UPDATE 6.27.10  Oh, Frank Rich at the New York Times has a good one too.

Rachel Maddow for President

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Go to this link and watch the video.

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