Gravy Train?

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It’s different to see more than a few at a time. Watch the whole train. I don’t know what this means…


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This should be read…  I, too, have had a bellyful of our dear masters.


Noam Chomsky in Amsterdam

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Interesting perspective…

Noam Chomsky in Amsterdam (13-03-2011) from Chomsky in Nederland on Vimeo.


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Rare Earth Elements

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I ran across these two links at Daily Kos concerning rare earth elements and what’s currently interesting about them.  Worth reading…



The Price of Endless War

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Andrew Bacevich has written an op-ed published in the Washington Post. Please read it.

UPDATE 6.27.10  Oh, Frank Rich at the New York Times has a good one too.

The World…

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Yikes. The World just keeps on growing…

Al Gore – The Crisis Comes Ashore

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It is no secret that I’ve long been a political supporter of Al Gore.  In 2007 and 2008 the only thing that kept me off of Barack Obama’s electoral bandwagon was the possibility that Gore might yet get in the race.  I believe the United States Supreme Court made a ploitical decision to deprive Gore of the presidency in December 2000, and I’m still pissed off about it.

No, I’m not going to get over it.

Al Gore has published an article about climate change and this political moment in the Atlantic.  It is very definitely worth a read. This stuff is real.

The continuing undersea gusher of oil 50 miles off the shores of Louisiana is not the only source of dangerous uncontrolled pollution spewing into the environment. Worldwide, the amount of man-made CO2 being spilled every three seconds into the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding the planet equals the highest current estimate of the amount of oil spilling from the Macondo well every day. Indeed, the average American coal-fired power generating plant gushes more than three times as much global-warming pollution into the atmosphere each day—and there are over 1,400 of them.

Just as the oil companies told us that deep-water drilling was safe, they tell us that it’s perfectly all right to dump 90 million tons of CO2 into the air of the world every 24 hours. Even as the oil spill continues to grow—even as BP warns that the flow could increase multi-fold, to 60,000 barrels per day, and that it may continue for months—the head of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerard, says, “Nothing has changed. When we get back to the politics of energy, oil and natural gas are essential to the economy and our way of life.” His reaction reminds me of the day Elvis Presley died. Upon hearing the tragic news, Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, said, “This changes nothing.”

Poem for the Rooftops of Iran – June 19th, 2009

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I don’t know what to say about this video. It’s pretty much beyond words. First of all, I don’t speak Farsi/Persian, so I really have no idea whether the English translation of the spoken words is even remotely accurate.

So I’ll set aside the poem.

But listen to the city. The humanity. The incredible vibe.

What does it sound like when a Revolution is NOT happening?

We Need To Go Far Quickly

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Clean Coal and Joe Camel – peas in a pod…


I have a link here to Al Gore’s most recent (Filmed February 2009) TED talk.  Please please please have a look.  We need to go far quickly.

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