The Sun and the Moon and Euler’s Identity

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Here’s a photograph of a solar eclypse.









And here’s a conventional typographic representation of Euler’s Identity








And here is a video about Euler’s Identity.


I have a serious suspicion that Euler’s Identity is somehow related to the totally weird anomaly of the sun and moon’s discs being unreasonably close to the same size as viewed from earth. Incidentally, or again, perhaps coincidentally, all of this resonates with the idea of the lotus arising out of the chaotic mud and achieving perfection, seeds of its own renewal at the ready.

So, from the infinite chaos of mathematics we converge upon Euler’s Identity. From the infinite chaos of space-time we converge upon the sun/moon coincidence.

Or are we emerging from Euler’s identity and the Sun/Moon coincidence into the chaos of mathematics as space/time as mathematics?

Perhaps they are one and the same thing.




The Sun and the Moon

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Why are the discs of the sun and the moon, as seen from the earth, so remarkably congruent?

Explain this, and shake the world.

I believe there IS an explanation beyond “coincidence” to be had, and also that we have all the data and observations we need to do the job.

Read David Deutch’s books “The Fabric of Reality” and “The Beginning of Infinity”. Read Julian Barber’s “The End of Time”. Read Max Tegmark’s “Our Mathematical Universe”.

I’ll get back to this.


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Watch this. Amazing.

What’s That About the Moon?

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I am swamped these days, and not actively posting to theWheel, but I have to leave a note about this experiment.  Per many previous posts (like this one), I hope and expect we will be getting a few surprises as the data starts rolling in.  Listen to the Moon.



Double Rainbow Redux

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If you haven’t yet checked out this pod, please do so first. It’s worth it. This is deep stuff. Then watch this next video. To the end. God Bless You, Bear Vasquez.

Snowflakes are Double Rainbows Too

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Yes, the double rainbow is beautiful and impressive – and what does it mean??? – but such impressive beauty is everywhere to be found. Look, snowflakes are double rainbows too.


Double Rainbow

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I’m going to have something more to say about this one, but for now I just want it up to be seen and heard on theWheel. There are double rainbows to be seen everywhere, when we bother to look for them.

I knew I’d write more (it’s been about 10 minutes…). I found this other video of the same guy on the Jimmy Kimmel show talking about the first video. I really like this guy. In the second part of the interview, he’s asked about how various people find the first Double Rainbow video either funny or touching, and he says “It’s a mirror”. Very interesting. Here’s the first part of “Bear Vasquez” on Jimmy Kimmel’s show:

And the second part:

More to come.

Dream Cultivation

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So what do you do when change is upon you – not quite in your face yet, but definitely coming up?  How to marshal all of one’s capacity for clear thinking that takes everything into account while contemplating a big decision, a big life change, change of employment, change of primary identity – something BIG that requires all of your attention to get it right?

I am cultivating a Big Dream.  I expect to dream and remember a dream that will frame my current state of flux in imagery and narrative that are so evidently TRUE that I will be able to proceed with a confidence that my life change is animated in a State of Grace.  The very nature of the dream state seems to me to be a grand integration of all the information – facts, feelings, sensory memories, EVERYTHING – available to me as an organism.  It all comes together in a dream, and the very fact of my cultivating such a dream by publicly honoring this process makes my clarifying dream that much more likely to come sooner rather than later.

Of course I must pay attention to my dreams.

Heavy but true.  This really works for me.  I just need to pay attention.  And it helps to state my intention publicly.  Hence this pod…


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Dreamt It Through the Grapevine – Night-flight.

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with dreams.  I can remember some very vivid BIG dreams from very early in my childhood – two in particular from a time when my family lived in a house in Ohio from which we moved when I was 4 years old.  My early intrepid experiments in expanding consciousness, my interest in and identification with Native American cultures, my love at first sight when I was finally exposed to Carl Jung (Man and His Symbols was my first contact), my full speed ahead obsession with lucid dreaming at a time when science, before Stephen LaBerge at Stanford, still insisted we lucid dreamers were self-delusional or just plain nuts, my later embrace of Joseph Campbell’s work identifying Myth as Public Dream (and Dream as Private Myth) – all this has been an ongoing central theme throughout my life.

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To Kill a Clunker

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Anthropomorphism – the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.


Tomorrow at one PM, Karen and I will drive to our local Honda dealer to close the deal on a new car, a 2009 Honda Fit.  As part of the deal, we will deliver to the dealer one “Clunker” – in this case a literally accurate description, as it really truly clunks, particularly around curves – my 1998 Mercury Villager minivan – see above…   » Read the rest of this entry «

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