CBS News – Lunar Landing

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I remember….

It’s Up To Us

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I really don’t want to think about Government and Democracy and Big Finance and Insurance Companies and Agribusiness and Global Warming and so forth.

And I wish you didn’t need to think about all these things either. It would be nice if everything were OK. It would be nice if electing well-meaning people were adequate to ensure good governance.

But it’s not.

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Poem for the Rooftops of Iran – June 19th, 2009

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I don’t know what to say about this video. It’s pretty much beyond words. First of all, I don’t speak Farsi/Persian, so I really have no idea whether the English translation of the spoken words is even remotely accurate.

So I’ll set aside the poem.

But listen to the city. The humanity. The incredible vibe.

What does it sound like when a Revolution is NOT happening?

We Need To Go Far Quickly

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Clean Coal and Joe Camel – peas in a pod…


I have a link here to Al Gore’s most recent (Filmed February 2009) TED talk.  Please please please have a look.  We need to go far quickly.

A New Vine

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The other day I posted a link to an interesting article about the music business, within which article the author posited the following metaphor:

Music is awash in Tarzan Economics: We cling to the frayed vine that now barely keeps us off the jungle floor. Our survival depends on grabbing the next vine…

Our survival depends on grabbing the next vine… Yes, indeed, I know this situation.

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Mountaintop Removal

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This is wrong.

The God Spot

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Where is religion processed in the human brain?  From the Daily Mail via Huffington Post:


First, volunteers were asked to think about statements about whether God intervenes in the world, such as ‘God’s will guide my acts’.

This activated the lateral frontal lobe regions of the brain, used by humans to empathise with eachother.

Then they were asked to dwell on God’s emotional state. When it came to statements such as ‘God is wrathful’, the areas that lit up were the medial temporal and frontal gyri, which helps us to judge emotions of others.

Finally the participants were asked to contemplate abstract statements such as ‘a resurrection will occur’. This time they tapped into the right inferior temporal gyrus, which we use to understand metaphorical meaning.

Friendly Ghosts

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The other morning I attended a 4th Grade Recorder concert (you know, the hooty little flutelike wind instruments) at my daughter’s elementary school.  It was much as you might imagine.  Several tunes were played by the whole 4th grade, but there were also several solos, which lead me to tonight’s topic…

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Each Other’s Songs

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We really should be singing each other’s songs.  If writers and singers were more willing and inclined to sing each other’s songs, there would be an incentive to write songs that were easier for others to sing.

We’d all be better off.

Methinks the copyright industry has had us all buffaloed into a selfish and ultimately self-destructive stance.

What can I do about this?  Start singing other people’s songs…


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My belly is full. My family is safe. I have a degree of political and economic freedom.

I do not take any of this for granted.

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