Let Yourself Become What You Think You Want To Be

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I recently bought a couple of books from Alibris. If I’m going to have to pay shipping on one book anyway, I generally look to see if the store I’m buying from has anything else on hand that would be good to have.

In this way I came to have in my hands a book called Song, which is a collection of interviews from American Songwriter Magazine. Most of the interviews proved to be only of marginal interest to me, but there were several good ones – including Randy Newman, Dolly Parton, Smokey Robinson, John Prine, Ricky Lee Jones – and Ray Charles» Read the rest of this entry «

“Beautiful Poems”

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On several occasions I’ve written at theWheel of my musical story of Mildred Maloney, and her favorite number 7.4.

As a premise of the story, Mildred Maloney has a favorite number, 7.4, and 7.4 is the source of her “beautiful poems”.

Why 7.4? And don’t I need to SHOW you some of the “beautiful poems”…? » Read the rest of this entry «


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It’s interesting how levels of meaning pile up until all of a sudden – bam – the last level arrives and finally I get it.

There’s this guy who rides the bus. I see him 3 or 4 times a week. He gets on – sometimes he’s running late. Middle of winter in the dark and snow at 6:45 AM going to work to bag groceries… » Read the rest of this entry «


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the Owl

I’m going to be writing more off the cuff jottings of my day-to-day ideas here on theWheel, and today is as good a day as any to dig in.

Western science currently officially embraces a “physical” worldview. From such a point of view, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity look separate and incompatible – leading to the endless obsessions with finding a unified physical theory.

From a point of view that embraces spirit and/or consciousness or perhaps observation as the prime reality, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity can be seen as complimentary subsets of mathematical/physical phenomena arising from the prime conscious/spiritual dimension.

How else the wave/particle duality?


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I’m at the grocery store today, trying to get done before the noon rush. I’ve got my mini-disc player in my pocket and headphones on. I’ve got a compilation disc called “Records” that I put together a few years ago as a showcase for great and influential records, and I’m listening as I jockey up and down the aisles. Working on Anaconda, of course…

Instant Karma

Peter Gunn

The Pink Panther Theme

Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock comes on. It’s powerful, and if you haven’t really listened closely to this record you have no business trying to talk about the American 1960’s counterculture. Joni sounds real sad at the end.

The next song is Passion Play (from Joni’s album Night Ride Home, in my opinion easily her best), probably the best song about Christianity ever written. Wow. I’m starting to feel something.

Are you OK Joni?

We love you. It’s going to be OK – I promise.

I’m walking down the aisle at Busch’s with my eyes tearing up, and I’m wondering ‘Are you OK, Joni?’.

On comes Carrie. Joy. But I’m still worried.



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by db

It has occurred to me that I should just get in the habit of thinking out loud here – once a day – twice a day – five times a day – whatever it takes.

On Sunday night I can post a more composed piece, but day-to-day I could just think out loud. Maybe people will be more inclined to join in if it is a less formal situation.
kos of dailykos.com was in town here in A2 last night for a book signing, and I missed it because I had a session recording monks chanting and some piano and voice on Anaconda.

I am at the point of swirlies and despair on Anaconda, which is usually a good sign that means the tune is no longer under my control and is becoming autonomous. Its own gyroscope is taking over.


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