The Beatles Were Theater

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The Beatles were a theatrical presentation.  Yes, they were a pop or rock and roll band, but when they went on stage, it was as The Beatles, and the conceit was sufficiently fanciful to promote and/or require an essentially theatrical suspension of disbelief.  Once the ball was rolling, even their records were part of the essentially theatrical act.

(The preceding is an example of a post where I am sleepily torquing a provocative idea onto theWheel.  Little editing, no critical thinking.  Lots of room to be corrected, contradicted, extended, discussed or ignored.)  It’s OK to be wrong, though it helps to be wrong about something interesting…


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Over at TMP Josh Marshall will often post one sentence “Deep Thoughts” – just simple undeveloped musings. I’m going to do something similar here at theWheel.

I need a catch phrase…

Perhaps something incorporating Edward DeBono’s “Po”.

UDATE – Po how about “Torque”?

Particles and Waves

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A wave is just a particle with the eternal NOW on its hands, trying all the options.

A particle is a single observation of one of those many options.

Light = 1

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On 11.30.06 I was thinking:

Light cannot be quantified except from the Point Of Veiw of another observer. Otherwise it is of itself beyond the province of mathematics.

Po Light = 1.

You Live You Learn

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There’s a feeling that comes over me from time to time – funny enough, more often than not on Friday night. I remember nights in Los Angeles, leaning on the edge of the world, lonely as hell.

Drink a beer. Take a walk. Drive twenty miles to walk on a beach and listen to the waves, a thousand miles clear.

You live you learn.

OOOeeee the Wild Night is Calling

(this is an old draft that I could not bear to throw away)

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