Turn It Up!

November 1st, 2017 § 0 comments


I’ve written a musical play called “7.4 ROCKS!!!”  It’s real.  Two acts.  Lots of music, lots of songs.  FUN!!!  It hasn’t been produced yet, but it will be.

One of the reasons for my confidence in 7.4 ROCKS!!! is the sheer energy and TRUTH that flow through the song I’m sharing today, Turn It Up!





Turn It Up! is sung by the show’s hero, Reggie Spinkler, an aging Program Director at a Classic Rock radio station circa 1991. Let me share my show’s premise:

7.4 ROCKS!!!


Back in the day, when Reggie Spinkler was a disc jockey at 7.4 WHYTZ, rock ‘n’ roll radio was heaven on earth, every night’s show a unique home town event in the Tri-State Area. But then Reggie’s home town radio station at 7.4 was purchased by Bellicose Breweries CEO Byron Bel Canto…“We’re Here to Sell Beer”…and just like 262 other stations owned and programmed by Bel Canto’s Bellicorp, Reggie’s home at 7.4 WSTPD became just another cookie cutter franchise.

Now that rock ‘n’ roll radio at 7.4 is a homogenized mockery of its former transcendent self, program director Reggie Spinkler punches the clock and prays for the weekend, all the while doing the bidding of his Corporate Overlords.

Then one day local poet Mildred Maloney begins broadcasting from her living room on pirate radio station 7.4 WMILD, sharing her poems with all her Tri-State neighbors – and interfering with WSTPD’s signal.

Call the FCC!!! Shut her down!!! NOW!!!

As battle lines are drawn, erased, and drawn yet again, Reggie begins to see in Mildred a way back to his first passion – unique and fresh home town rock ‘n’ roll radio. Can Reggie stand up to his Corporate Overlords in support of Mildred and find redemption?  

I’ll be sharing more from 7.4 ROCKS!!! in coming posts.


Here’s a link to Turn It Up! on Soundcloud  (by the way, that’s Richard “Radio King” Dishman on drums):

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