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Oh, I try to be positive. I wanted to love WALL*E. When I saw Ratatouille, I raved about it. I admire Pixar, and would love to write music for them some day.

But I didn’t love WALL*E. I was bored. And it’s not WALL*E’s fault. The people at Pixar know, better than anyone on or off this Planet, that Story trumps all.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Pixar leader and storyteller extraordinaire John Lasseter say that no amount of fancy spectacle and technology will hold an audiences’ attention for more than five minutes without a great Story to make them care.

I didn’t care. In Toy Story 2, I shed a tear with Jesse as she sang about being outgrown and cast off by her beloved owner Emily:

When I saw Ratatouille, I was deeply touched by Anton Ego’s transformation and subsequent (brilliantly written) review of the heros’ restaurant:

As I watched WALL*E, I just didn’t care. I wanted to care. But I didn’t.

Interestingly enough, the director of this Pixar outing, Andrew Stanton, also directed Finding Nemo, which was the only other Pixar flick that failed for me, despite its huge financial success. (Somehow I have managed to not yet see Cars). So maybe I just have a problem with Andrew Stanton, although a quick look at his Wikipedia page shows me that Mr. Stanton was at least hip deep working on many Pixar films that I love…

Oh well. Pixar is still the best.

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