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There’s a point in Pixar’s new film Ratatouille when the premier Parisian restaurant critic is about to come the the hero’s place for dinner and says that he will arrive with very high expectations.

Tonight let me build your expectations. You must see Raratouille and when you do, do remember that you read on theWheel that it is one of the best films ever made.

That’s right. It’s that good.

The story is great. The animation is magnificent. It’s smart. It’s funny. It has a warm heart.

Don’t wait for the DVD. Definitely the big screen for this one.

Here’s a Fresh Air interview with writer/director Brad Bird (the Incredibles – The Iron Giant) and Patton Oswalt (who played the rat Remi).

Irving Berlin said “I’d rather write the nation’s songs than the nation’s laws.”

We can still tell stories.

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  • theOwl says:


    Ratatouille would be an eminently worthy first big screen experience for the little guy.

    A lot of it will go over his head. There will be some scary parts, but not super scary. Granny shoots shotgun at Remi. Restaurant employees throw knives at Remi. Etc.

    It would be good to tell Vidal up front that there will be scary parts, but that there is a happy ending and Remi will be safe at the end.

    But who knows, he may freak out. At age 3, Becca couldn’t handle Glen Close as Cruella DeVille. Neither could I…

    Mostly it will just be a wild, fun ride

  • Ted says:

    You have, indeed, built my expectations. Maybe it will be my son’s first big-screen movie experience.

  • theOwl says:

    I hate to make this comment, but I think I have to. I am a composer. I notice music.

    I don’t think the music in Ratatouille was as strong as the rest of the film. It was more than competent. It just didn’t knock me out, not like the story and animation knocked me out.

    When I noticed the music, it was not because I was riding the emotional trajectory of a powerful theme, it was usually as a reaction to some topical orchestration, for instance, some use of an accordian to say “Paris”.

    The movie was moving and I loved it. Therefore the music worked, insofar as I loved the movie and the whole point of having music is to help people love the movie.

    But I think I know better.

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