“My Friends”

June 22nd, 2008 § 1 comment


I found this video of Stephen Sondheim teaching and directing the duet My Friends from his Sweeney Todd to be quite interesting. This piece has long been my favorite in the show – it’s just amazing, and then, to top it off, Jonathan Tunick’s orchestration (listen to the cinematic clip below) is beautiful.

The dramatic subtleties, and the way they are made manifest in Sondheim’s music and lyric are something to behold.

Now watch and listen to Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter on the same tune in the recent movie musical. It’s really Sweeney’s moment here, and Depp gets what Sondheim was going for.


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  • dnb says:

    Though it is interesting that Depp pulls back a bit from “At last – my arm is complete again!”

    Perhaps this is just the difference between stage and cinema?

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