The Storm Is Here

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I wrote “The Storm is Here” back in probably 1989 or 1990 . My recollection is that I tried to contact a not very close music biz acquaintance who I hadn’t spoken to for several years, and in the course of trying to track him down found that he had died violently a few years earlier.


That was it.  Grief.  A clap of thunder.  And because I didn’t know this person – who I liked a lot – very well, the grief was somewhat general.  In other words, it wasn’t just about my dead friend, it was about us all.


I’ve always known this is a great song.   I had to sweat blood for a bunch of the lyric, but I always knew it was worth the effort.  This one was beautiful.  The line “Ghosts of broken thunder echoed in my mind till time stood still” is one of my favorites ever.  Here’s the lyric:


The Storm Is Here


I could see the lightning

Off on the horizon

Dancing in the distance

Underneath the corners of the sky

But the storm was far away

So far from now

Washing me clean tomorrow

Not today


Then there came a thunder

Rolling from the hills

Ghosts of broken thunder

Echoed in my mind till time stood still

Now the rain rolls from my eyes

A rising wind

Gathers the night and sweeps the dark aside

The storm is here

The storm is upon us



When this act is over

Some will walk away

But I know you would stay to see the lightning

I believe you’d stay

So tonight use my eyes

You can see through my eyes

Touch the light in my eyes

Stay with me

The storm is here

The storm is here

The storm is upon us





And a lead sheet PDF:


Download the PDF file .






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