Dream Cultivation

March 8th, 2010 § 0 comments


So what do you do when change is upon you – not quite in your face yet, but definitely coming up?  How to marshal all of one’s capacity for clear thinking that takes everything into account while contemplating a big decision, a big life change, change of employment, change of primary identity – something BIG that requires all of your attention to get it right?

I am cultivating a Big Dream.  I expect to dream and remember a dream that will frame my current state of flux in imagery and narrative that are so evidently TRUE that I will be able to proceed with a confidence that my life change is animated in a State of Grace.  The very nature of the dream state seems to me to be a grand integration of all the information – facts, feelings, sensory memories, EVERYTHING – available to me as an organism.  It all comes together in a dream, and the very fact of my cultivating such a dream by publicly honoring this process makes my clarifying dream that much more likely to come sooner rather than later.

Of course I must pay attention to my dreams.

Heavy but true.  This really works for me.  I just need to pay attention.  And it helps to state my intention publicly.  Hence this pod…

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