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Dreamt It Through the Grapevine – Night-flight.

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with dreams.  I can remember some very vivid BIG dreams from very early in my childhood – two in particular from a time when my family lived in a house in Ohio from which we moved when I was 4 years old.  My early intrepid experiments in expanding consciousness, my interest in and identification with Native American cultures, my love at first sight when I was finally exposed to Carl Jung (Man and His Symbols was my first contact), my full speed ahead obsession with lucid dreaming at a time when science, before Stephen LaBerge at Stanford, still insisted we lucid dreamers were self-delusional or just plain nuts, my later embrace of Joseph Campbell’s work identifying Myth as Public Dream (and Dream as Private Myth) – all this has been an ongoing central theme throughout my life.

I’ve recorded dream diaries on and off since my early 20’s.  It was then that I became focused upon the idea of how cool it would be to share our dreams, by which I meant actually inhabit each other’s dreams – that is, inhabit the same dream together.  I even have a song I almost wrote back then – Night-flight – about sharing a flying dream.

Dreamt it through the grapevine – Night-flight.

I’ve been musing upon all this stuff for decades.  Incidentally, I eventually recast the Night-flight idea, finally coming to the conclusion that this so called waking reality we share is none other than a massive multilateral shared dream, the laws of physics being the price we pay to fuse all our disparate dreams into a fluid artifact of sorts – the universes…

So, what about the Theater, you say?

Well, it recently occurred to me that what was truly special to me about live theater was the way in which a group of people, including – especially including – a live reactive audience as an indispensable component of the magical dynamic – a group of people “self consciously” agree to surrender to a theatrical dream within the dominant shared “reality” dream.  Within the magic circle of a suspension of disbelief (or is it rather an affirmation of belief?) all are creating together, all are aware of and swept up into the common alternate reality that all are purposely – I won’t say mindfully – dreaming up together.

This is a truly mind blowing experience when it really gets going, and cannot be duplicated in recorded media like film and audio records.

It also occurs to me that to the extent we wish to create theater, it will be wise and fruitful to focus upon that which theater can do uniquely – Night-flight.

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