It’s Up To Us

June 26th, 2009 § 1 comment


I really don’t want to think about Government and Democracy and Big Finance and Insurance Companies and Agribusiness and Global Warming and so forth.

And I wish you didn’t need to think about all these things either. It would be nice if everything were OK. It would be nice if electing well-meaning people were adequate to ensure good governance.

But it’s not.

I fear that good governance comes down to us, and our involvement in our government. The other day I sat down and wrote thus:

Barack Obama can’t do it for us.

It’s up to us. The People. The change we need – a public option in health insurance, real regulation of financial interests, ACTION on Climate Change, the list goes on – can only happen if the President and the Congress FEEL UNMISTAKABLE PRESSURE welling up from the People.

The Corporate Ascendancy will print enough money to flood Washington with lobbyists and lawyers advocating for business as usual, and business as usual will of course prevail – it does, after all, have the great advantages of habit and incumbency and $$$$$ MONEY $$$$$$ propping it up, even as it founders in its own excrement.

That is, unless the People rise up and DEMAND CHANGE.

Over the top? Of course.

But, let me tell you, the Corporate strip-mining of our Earth and indeed of Humanity – our very infirmities of health are viewed as an extractable and renewable resources to profit from – are not just Over the Top, they are Monstrous.

And they will win, unless we stop them.

We’ve got to force President Obama and our Democratic Congress to do the right thing.

They want us to make them do the right thing.  A public option for our health care.  Regulation and subjugation of “too big to fail” banks.  Heads out of the sand concerning all the acute environmental challenges our species faces, starting with CO2 pollution.

It’s up to us.

Please call and email the White House and your representatives in Congress.

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