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In Our Hands

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We’re getting there…

YouTube Imbed UPDATED 6.22.09

Masconda Beyonda

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The Anaconda 15 second video is gonna happen. Dave and I got together tonight to visualize it, and we have a great idea. The center monk will be holding the Earth – we’ll hopefully be able to use the famous photo from space projected upon a green screened ball – and will lift and offer the Earth to the audience.




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Check this out. An eco oriented commercial contest. Got a 15 second spot? Well…Dave Mason and I just happened to have written this thing Anaconda which just happens to be very eco themed and also to have a 15 second chant.



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by db

Dave Mason has an Anaconda by the tail, and now Oz and I have got it too. (Steve Osburn on Chapman Stick) » Read the rest of this entry «

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