“…You are out . . . of . . . your . . . lane!”

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A couple of years ago I posted a link to the video you see below on theWheel. Now there’s some more information coming out. Wow.

Here’s the second piece.

Pay to Play

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You tell me. Does it look like access to the very highest levels of the Bush Administration, including the Vice President, is for sale to foreign interests?

I’d say so.

Birds and Stones

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Here’s a link to Symour Hersch’s new article on Iran at the New Yorker.

What do I think is going on? I think Bush and Cheney and whoever else is actually running the show in the Bush “administration” want to kill two birds, and perhaps thousands or millions of Iranians, with one stone.

The birds? An American Presidential election and the military entrenchment of a permanent Corporate fossil fuel dictatorship in control of Middle East natural resources and American military might.

The stone? A war – or at the very least a war fever in the American Corporate Media – in Iran, just in time for the American elections this fall.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m probably right.

911 and Plan B

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I came across a couple of worthy articles this week, one about the Bush Administration in the summer of 2001, and the other about how to stop Global warming.



At first they didn’t seem to be of a piece, but then I got to thinking… » Read the rest of this entry «

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