Don’t Worry…

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This is what we’re dealing with. And no, there is probably no direct correlation between any one extreme weather event and the broader climate change that certainly appears to be unfolding. But they are of the same fabric, the same weave. Our species’ choices are interwoven with every chaotic molecule in that tornado in Joplin. I feel in my bones that the totality of that event is of a piece with our changing earth’s atmosphere.

Al Gore’s Challenge

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“We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the planet. Every bit of that’s got to change.”

Please watch and listen to this speech.

I’m in, Al.

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Global Warming and the Silent Scream

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by Stephen Hiltner

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I’m always amazed at those who study climate change. How congenial and patient they are as they tell us of the catastrophic direction we are taking the earth. They are messengers who, like most messengers through history, are being roundly ignored by all but a few. They must go home at night, after yet another long day of throwing compelling data at the global wall of indifference, and scream into the dark.

The Scream is a famous painting by Edvard Munch. I think of it now, and learn from Wikipedia that its inspiration came one evening when the sky suddenly turned blood red, and he “sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.” “The person in the foreground may be the artist himself, not screaming but protecting himself or itself from the scream of Nature.”

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Al Gore’s New TED Talk

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This very recent talk at TED by Al Gore concerning the latest developments in the Climate Crisis is a must see. Our danger is acute, the situation is urgent, and Al Gore is at his very best here.


It’ll take about 27 minutes to watch the whole thing, but at least watch the first little bit. You’ll find time for the rest. (Click on the little TV icon in the upper right hand corner of the AudioDesk media player to go into full screen.)

Please watch, and share this link.

UPDATE: Per Gore’s statement, late in the talk, that we should go forward into this generational challenge with Joy, thankful that we are the generation that has been given an opportunity to do something truly momentous, worthy of the best in humanity, I am reminded of the theme of one of my songs, Rising Blue.

911 and Plan B

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I came across a couple of worthy articles this week, one about the Bush Administration in the summer of 2001, and the other about how to stop Global warming.



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