A Zillion Theatrical Volts

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I’ve been working on musical settings of Arnold Lobel’s FABLES for several years now, and am finally at the point of getting singing actors to take a look at them.  I have a metaphor.

Over the past few years I’ve been involved with the Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan.  One of the cool things the Purple Rose does is to “greenhouse” new plays by taking a week… » Read the rest of this entry «

Pump It Up

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Music composition is many things.  I’ve looked at the process holistically here at theWheel on a couple of occasions.

Here’s a linear take.

Music composition is like a stream of  water flowing from a hose down a dry driveway.  Watch the little stream fall into a crack – flow north – oops, that’s all full – there’s a pool forming – will it break through? oh – there’s another pool at the same time…  One of these pools is eventually going to overflow in a way that enables the water to find its way to that clear channel there that will certainly reach all the way to the curb.

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The Angel Pig

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Tonight I will simply share the cutest bit of audio that has ever graced my little corner of the Universe. In the first week of June 2002, when my daughter Theodora had just recently turned 3 years old, I was in the early stages of improvising musical settings for Arnold Lobel’s FABLES.

One way to get some work done while caring for a 3-year-old was simply to have Thea sit next to me at the piano, where I would often have my mini disc recorder turned on just in case I came up with something worth remembering.

Thea had a request –

“The Angel Pig”

What she wanted was to see Lobel’s illustration of his FABLE The Pig at the Candy Store. Once I found the correct page we were privileged to see a winged pig flying “joyfully” through an outer space of candy.

Thea had something to say.

Such are the conditions in which this composer worked for years.

Thank God.

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